Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everywhere You Go You Always Take The Weather With You

No, Bombay did not work out, but I'm all set for a vacation in Hong Kong this October. :)

College started a month back and for the first time I feel that I'm actually studying. First year's result was not upto my expectations, but second year, watch out! We have classes everyday from 8:40 every morning (I know, that sucks) and tuitions in the campus itself and along with that, danceworx twice a week leaves me with hardly any free time. Also, I got promoted (No, I'm not talking about college :-/). I'm in Basic Elementary now which is so not a cake walk.

Me and the better half FINALLY got our certificates from NCAER :)

It's been raining like crazy and for a change, our very own noisy and dirty Delhi looks bearable and maybe a little appealing on some occasions.. The amazing weather has put me in such a wonderful mood.. I smile all day long without any reason (well, maybe i do have a small reason). Life is good and my birthday is around the corner.

P.s. I love surprises, take a hint ;)


Mridul said...

I am glad you are back! :)

Anonymous said...

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