Friday, September 21, 2007

like the sand it slips away...

iv to mention it no matter what u think bout me..

so iv gav my boards like 5 months u must b thinkin watta mention bout it now?? well the point is exactly 1 day after my sweet 16 im writing my math exam n some random teacher cums to the class n announces dah CBSE is gnna giv sum ruddy scholarship to 90 percentrs n abv...nw the poin is y m i writin all dis cbse crap..ill xpalin...i missed the scholarship by exctly 0.8% dazz rite i gt 89.2% in my boards n also 100 percentrs in math r bein awarded n i missd dah by exactly 1 mark!!!! i mean the hell to do wit the scholarship buh wt the helll!!!!! is there like no justice in this whole entire world..i m sooo pissed!2 o my best frnds getin it...dey all xcited! n me??? frusturatin...buh...m gnna get ova it!

so..sweet 16 on nt succha gud note...buh divu gav me dis oh so adorable teddy...m soo all ova it..hehe...shes totally mae my day...angers all gone...screw the scholrships...n ananya...thanks 4 gttin me ova dis...buh i had to mention the nw m uploadin pic of the most adorable teddy in the whole entire wrld...luv u divu!:D