Thursday, January 29, 2009

*This cannot be the end..but come,it is!*.

1.Surprise 13th birthday party.
2.Rolling on the floor laughing (literally) and aakriti sitting in the middle-completely dazed.
3.The chips-and-dips tale of spooky stories,smilies,and lot of chips.
4.The first sleepover.blah blah blah blah.zzzzzzz...blah blah. "Get up pragya!" "Shut up Amanat".
5.The mood ring ..<3 and the choti pichkari. The dorky proposal and the pillow fight.
6.Chocolate ice cream at 3 am.
7.The online pranks and the masters of disguise.The rani of jhansi and several giggles.
8."Shut the computer,you can check the stupid mail later!!"
9.The strange rooftop holi party which ended up not bing strange at all. Some more giggles.
10."Lets all come online at 8. ok?"
11.The mangal pandey editing and our poor innocent prey's.*evil laughter*
12."Amanat? Stop talking.." "Amu...kuch bol na??"
13."I'm not pressurising you..but GET THE copy on thursay or your dead! Get it?"
14."Ye don bosco don bosco wala don bosco hai?"
15.The cool sea breeze and the yellow and pink creature in the water.
16.The blind churches.
17.The whispers and secret talks.
18.The ball dance in the middle of a movving train.
19."One two three...VIPPEY.." "Ooooo....girri girri girri."
20.The non stop laughter.
21.Mcdonalds get togethers.
22.Rustam Bruzo and Sultan.
23.Veggies,Coke,Smilies and 4 friends.
24.The slap in the middle of the maths class.*Shock*
25.The hidden bottles and the zillion non-working pens.
26.The torn notebooks and broken specs.
27.The 9feet talls dazed humans.
28.The 3 hour avte classes, the unbearable pj;s and the orange shirt.
29."Upar se vo saala...charsi bhi hai"
30."I'll kill you if you call me saint one more time.."
31.The name tales of diwan,bhandar and zamanat.
32."Vo to prateek bhaiya ke saath hogi..."
33."Out out out out out...." "Oddd...eve...1 2 3...odd eve"
34."New principal? Again??"
35.The favourite places and the invisible loo.
36.The pull-up-your-socks.The english illertrates and giddy-garden-goats.
37.The 3 clap versions and the constant crying.
38.The muttu swami.:P
39.The lost bags and bottles.
40.And ofcourse...the lost physics papers.
41.The class unity and the broken black boards.
42.The sealing and the empty class rooms.
43.The dumb physics teachers and the debate on sAnta and saaanta and the pronunciation of tangent.
44.The inseprable girls.
45.Choti si mannat and the shifting of rooms.
46.The fights for the back seats and the carefree songs.
47.First foes then friends.
48."I cant even remember when we became freinds..."
49."Dhoom macahale dhoom macahle dhoom." "Ye didi doordarshan mei bhaagti hai na?"
50.Whats his name? Ghudsavaar??
51.The long lost friends,the miser shopkeeper and the invisible kitchen.
52.The spirit calling,life in a metro and the broken heels.
53."Ok,lets start from her shoes......"
54."Amanat,do you think your hands can hold the handles?" "Happy hands" "Baby finger"
55."So..i call you sugar,and you call me calvin:=]"
56.The i-sketch games.
57.The long hours on net.
58."OK!We can easily reach her place..." " gk1 or 2?"
59."O billo rani kahon to abhi jaan de doon.."
60.The complate utilisation of resorces.LOL.
61.Of the new haircuts,the lenses and the stuff.
62."The sunshines and the hawt john"
63.The permission problems.
64."Dil mei mere hai darde disco.Darde disco darde disco."
65.Football,cricket,Foosball,CS,Badmintton and darkroom.
66.The daily icecreams.
67.The science/commerce debate.
68.The useless council.
69.The bengauli classmates.
70.Khali in disgusise.
71."Uhh god...these people are so disgusting.."
72.The shifting of home and making of new friends.
73."And in the middle of the bus she started dancing on deedar de.It was hi-larious."
74.The harry potter discussions.And the silent tears on dumbledores death.
75."I'll be there for you...when the rain starts to pour"
76.Ponta jokes.Even better,Diwan jokes.
77.The successful reording!
78.The farewell..<3
79.The batch party,conti,and teachers day! <3 <3
80.The really really late night conversations.
81.Some more silent tears.
82."I'll miss you..." "Don't say that yaar..."
83.The surprises in sports day.
84."Ali to mere bhai ke dog ka naam hai"
85.The drunk devdas.
86.The the class itself.
87."Do we belong to this class..?"
88.The picnics.
89.The inumerable pictures.
90."Ok class...start writing.." "Maam wait..!!!"
91."You crazy girls...i thought you were all angels"
92.The broken tooth and the jaat boy.
93."Agar mai farewell tak patli ho gayi mai net wali saari pehen ke aaongi"
94.The fRandships.
95.Our dostana.
96.The awesome foresome of XII E!
97."Dekha jo tujhe yaar dil mei baji guitar"
98.The chora!
99.The birthday poem..and the teddy bear (enormous).
100.The emotional gifts.
101.The pengunie.
102.Prngune number 2.
103.Seeti 1 and seeti 2.
104.The aalo ki sabzi,cholle bhauture,lemonade,the insane canteen prizes,the empy pockets,shahi paneer,chatni and namak mirch ka parantha.
105.Ye to style hai apna.
106.The Bomb-ardments.
107.The spit-incident and the racoon clip.
108.The flirty classmate.
109."No! they are not going around!"
110."DJ!...oye hoye...DJ!!"
111.The loverzzz point in goa.
112.Chcolate truffle.
113.The summer of '08.
114.City walk.
115.Ndtv discussions.
116."WE can never get a decent picture together?Can we?"
117.The pictures in the loo.
118.The scribbling on hands.And on the shirts ofcourse.
119.Some more pictures.
120.The last...everything!
122.Slam sheets.
123.Some more tears..
125.Best friends.
126.Some new friends..which will now remain for life.
127.The auto-dates.
128.The slumdog day.
130.The chora and chori.
131.Annual function and the so called jazz dance.
132.The dance moves and the junk jwellery.
133.Saare discussions.
134.The pathetic dj!
135."Eye...saala...abhi abhi..hua yakeeeen"
136."Chor do aanchal..zamana kya kahega..."
137.The goodbyes.
138.The long walks towards the bus.
139.The borken promises.
140.The kept promises.
141.And some more...silent tears.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And if you were a kiss, I know I'd be a hug ..

Too much Juno happening hun?

Has it ever happened with you,for instance you have really wanted something to happen,for think about that one thing all the time.And after a long long time,when you feel that you may finally have it realise that you never really wanted it all along.Like,it wasn't meant to be,and you are somehow glad with the situation.

Maybe its lack of caffeine or maybe its just 9 in the morning so i'm sounding really absurd.

I know i said that this little baby would be updated only after the mind numbing,soul sucking bore-ds,but i don't have anything better to do on this sunday morning,and hence the update.

So,the date sheet came out and it wasn't exactly inspiring.It actually led me into a state of mental trauma when i realised that i had some odd 3 days off for each of economics, accountancy and mathematics.Sigh.But like Emily told Andy in that flick..wtwazziit...Devil wears prada..yeah,..i'll just have to deal with it.Period.

After the pre's got over 2 of my bff's had some prior engaements which were unavoiadle(sheesh.what the hell is wrong with me?).So me and kinni ended up having a lunch with the guys and then i updated her about my so-called-catastrophic-life.And one thing led to another..

K-So,you mean you are actually gonna give up journo?
A-Yeah..i mean its not like i have a gift or something like that shit.So just a degree and an mba whold be A-class for moi.

I feel like...kinda the person who gives up on something pretty easily..something i've been holding on to for suchha long time.But as juno said ..I really don't know what kinda girl i am.

*And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding*

Well,anyway the pre's are history but i've got this practical shit lined up for tomorrow and then there is the freaking result to dread.But the only hope of light is the continuation paltie on the 21st and i got my hands on this totally gorgeous piece from some store in GK.Another event 'round the corner is the farewell,but we'll leave that part out right now..some gazzillion memories will start haunting me otherwise.

*Haule se Gudgudata
Dil mein hulchul machata
Mein sharm se thi pani pani*

NO! I'm not mentally retarted,maybe i am..i doubt this sometimes.Anyway this is a piece from a song of the much-talked-about Slumdog.. Yeah,saw it heck of a flick,and that guy isnt half as bad..he's passabley cute actually..particularly in that one song..

Another thing,my cell phone has gone brain dead,i think siamese particularly will be glad to know this.*winks*

Nothing much has happened over the past few months actually so whenever i get some badly needed inspiration from somewhere i'll be right at it.

*There are many things that I would
Like to say to you
But I don't know how *