Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You know your DU vacations are going on when..

1. You have a 20 day break from college,and you know exactly how to utilize this precious time. (Do you?)

2. Your planning fails on the second day of vacations.

3. You read the Delhi Times twice just to idle out another 20 minutes.

4. You update your FB status message 10 times a day and then wonder why people say that you are addicted to facebook.

5. You take a random picture of yours, edit it, put stickers and text in it, crop it, make some more corrections in it, add a really nice frame, repeat the same with 2-3 more pics, make a collage out of it. And delete it.

6. You text all your friends some random forward message and then wait for the phone to vibrate expecting them to reply. *Sigh*

7. You call up Vodafone just to have someone to talk to. (Ok! now that sounds desperate. I never actually did that. :P)

8. You countdown the days until when the college reopens. :D

9. You search the lyrics of some random song you heard on the radio, download it, put it in your cell and listen to it all day long.

10. You make a huge deal about your tuition's and brag about your 1 hour of studying for 2-3 days.. :P

11. You watch Big boss, Exhasted, Dare to date and Pati Pantni aur woh, in succession, with interest. And then wonder why people make such senseless serials and on top of that why do people watch it. *Clears throat*

12. Open the fridge twenty times a day expecting something good to magically appear out of thin air, then give up and just order a pizza.

13. Take pointless quizzes on facebook.

14. Make elaborate plans to meet with your friends, watch movies, have a blast. Yawn and just login to facebook again.

15. Go through random people's pictures, comment on each one of them labeling them as either a slut or a bore.

16. Watch Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na/ Jab We Met/ RHTDM every time it airs even if it is the 99th time that you're watching it.

17. Take unnecessarily long showers and then complain about the water shortage and how people waste so much of water and remain unconcerned about the environment.

18. Go to the mall just to buy a new pair of Reebok tracks promising yourself that you're gonna start regular walks the next morning. Or evening was it? Oh no.. next week. Umm...which tracks? Reebok? Never heard of them before. Mummy....sone do please...kal se pakka walk.

19. You write an entire post on how bored you are.

20. Now you are gonna make every one read it. :P