Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You know winters are here..

1.When you hear me going *Cough* *Ahhh..chooo* *#4%##@* *AAACHOO*!
2.When my sister loathes me for switching off the fan when the neighbors still have their A/C switched on.
3.When you hear me in the shower cursing the chilly water,and the cold floor.
4.When i refuse to get out from under the covers and demand breakfast,lunch,dinner,tea
in bed.
5.When i ask my mother to unpack ALL the woolens and insist on wearing woolen socks when others are very comfortable with half sleeved shirts.
6.When there are regular fights between me and my friends in tuition whether to switch off the fan or not.
7.When i use 23746383939 lotions and still hands remain dry.
8.When i curse the stupid clouds and the winter sun seems like a bliss.
9.When i refuse to move 2 inches and ask my lil brother to get my crocks,which by the way are right beside me.
10.When my hands are in gloves and i ask my mom/dad/sis/bro/random aunt/uncle/whatever to turn the stupid page of the book i'm reading.
11.When you heard me asking every other person,"Tujhe thand nahin lagti kya?"
12.When you see my status as *Wake me up,when december ends*
13.When i reject the milk in the morning because it is so cold that my hands have become numb from holding the glass.
14.I ask for hot tea/coffee/chocolate where ever i go.
15.But despite everything,you see me having chilled frozen ice creams one after the other.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nostalgia..lingers on..!

I cannot digest the fact that i can actually count the two digit number of days left for school to end,43 to be precise. Its not that i like school,its just that i love it with every part of my being.No matter how bad some of our days have been,and no matter how much our teachers have tortured us,all of us have this special spot for 'school' in our hearts.
And the fact that i unconditionally,and truly madly deeply adore my friends is gonna make the separation even harder.Some of my buddies are making scrapbooks so that they can relive these days..i on the other hand decided to write a blog about it..(pretty neat hun? Well..i'm basically too lazy to cut out pictures and use glitter pens on sheets of paper and then assemble all of it).

Anyway.. "school" has a weird effect on me..there is so much i want to say..but somehow i'm out of words right now...
I came to BVN in the 8th grade...with the fear of not knowing anybody..and now very soon i'll leave with tears after knowing everyone for almost 4 years..!
There are endless little little incidents which i think..ill never forget...
I'm gonna miss....
1.Bunking assembly with the patent "we are batch holders" excuse
2.coming late to all the classes and then escaping every single time..
3.Amanat: Yaar..Loo chal rahi hai?
Pragya(looking outside the window): nahi yaar loo to nai chal rahi.
4.Going to the loo and cursing the school for not putting up mirrors and finding new graffiti by 11thies..everyday!
5.Copying duggals dance moves everytime she turns her back on us...(Aise debit karte hain...aise credit karte hain).
6.Bunking games period and then taking rounds of the field as punishment..or even better-picking up small pebbles from the field..!
7.Mixing up shubro and shoumendu's names on purpose and then seeing them fume!!
8.Staring at nitika's CLIP and making 1001 jokes on it..
9.Telling pepsi to act like a GIRL...!!!
10.Cows and bulls
11.Going to canteen every single day...with an empty pocket and coming out with a full tummy..
12.Running around in the canteen to steal just one sip of leamonade
13.Playing 'oonch neech ka paapda' and 'chupan chupaai' and then..being imitated by 11thies doing the same
14.NEVER doing house work
15.Running for free ice cream..
17.Gossip sessions..early in the morning
18.Finishing off kinnis sandwiches at 7.15 am and setting a new record!
19.Clicking inumerable pictures in all dumb poses!
20.About turn on seeing vineeta kaul/vicey
21.Making new plans on bunking school every week..(and still not having the guts....)
22.Ultra cute senior head boys ;)
23.Teachers ki saari par discussion..[Duggal ke paas aur koi saari nai hai kya?? PJ ki saari's uski mum in law laati hai..kool na?? Ye every monday white saari hi kyun pahanti hai??????]
24.Preparing for farewell dances and BANTA ke shout sessions..!!
25.Teachers day..:)
26.Batch party..!!! :) :)
27.Gurnoor: Ye khali ki awaaz mei kaun baat kar raha hai?
29.Senti moments with shimsu...cursing the ediotic guys with the patent "We are much better off with out them!! "
31.Taking out a 100 faults about school..and still loving it!
32.But pappu cant dance saala!! :)
33." of luck nahi...all the best bol!! "
34.Using annual function as an excuse to bunk 237574985976447 classes.
35."Why the hell cant we get cell phones to school??"
36."Havent heard of bvn? walk ke peeche hai humara school!! "
37.Crying...and then being consoled..!:(
38.Fighting for little bites from your own tiffin box
39."abey...shit!!aaj uska b'day hai?? Maine to 12 o clock usse wish hi nahi kiya!!"
40."Baaraah (12) baj gayeeee!!" :P
41.Singh is kinng..singh is kinng..singh is kinng..!!
43.Ohhhhh..giri giri giri..
44.Puppy power
45."omg..did u see what she was wearing??!!"
46."Fuck! bell kab baji??? Vandy maam jaan le lengi!! "

well... "to be continued"
I;m too nostalgic .. :(

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where'd you go..I miss you so..!

I look at you..and then I silently look away..
A million things inside my head..a hundred things I need to say..
Without you..i don’t belong anywhere
But somewhere you have forgotten..the special friendship we shared..
‘WE’..dont make sense anymore..
It feels as if you’ve sailed far away..and I’m waiting at the shore
Night after night I stare into space..
Conjure up dreams and imagine your face

They say I’m better off w/o you..and I know they are right

But i've been walking through darkness for so long..that its hard to see the light
In no time we’ll move our separate ways and I’ll be a distant memory to you
But you are one of the people I’ll never of the very few

You seem to have moved on..have found other people to call your own

I do have a crowd surrounding me..but i've never felt so alone

I know you hurt me..and made tears flow endlessly..
But now I promise to move on..not for you..but to set myself free…!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are back to "mentalshental" because after all the 'soul searching' i decided to just switch back to the original one...You know how they say -"Don't mend it if it's not broken"....

Tale of ice tea,momos and zero balance..

Finally the exams are at bay and i'm free of the excruciating pain of spoiling my sleep and studying for hours on stretch.Now i can concentrate on more important activities like..ummm?? update my blog for one,get my cell recharged, make plans for teachers day and 17th b'day,update my blog,catch the movie rock on, eat ,waste my time on tv and net and yeah..update my blog!

So here i am after over 2 weeks of silence and it would be nice if the "exams" were not mentioned. ehm,for obvious reasons.So unlike every year i did not go anywhere after my terms except attend my tuitions of course(ur obviously thinking i'm a big nerd ,aren't u?? oh come on..spit it out!!).The reason being that we have huge plans (read no plans at all because the task of fixing a place has been left on souls like gaurav/hemant blah blah..) for teachers day and i'm gonna be wearing a sarreeee...i know sound 'aunty like' but i cant wait.So i went to GIP today because i was craving for hot choco fudge,but before that i had my share of kebabs and i needed ice tea! But the insane woman at the counter kept telling me to wait.I finished my food,nibbled from my mums plate,blackmailed my bro to give me his Kathi roll but still no ice tea.And then the woman has the nerve to come and tell me that their machine has broken down so i can choose between coke/pepsi/sprite/limca/fanta.So i told her..i dont wanna know the beverages on your menu,i want my ice tea or my money,anyway so after 10 more mins of argument my mum told me to shut it and has pepsi the title making sense now??

After wandering through every store including archies,pantaloons,matikar i finally found the perfect earing to go with my saare.Do i sound like a retard? I'm just a heck excited!
And my cell balance is exactly 0.8 rs and cannot message/give a call/missed call/mms(dirty thoughts hun?) to anyone which explains why my phone is beeping and i'm not even bothering to get up.My marginal utility is going way down(had an eco exams aaj..i guess that must have solved your query).

Oh i completely forgot the momos..So after my tuition i had an appointment at the doctor and i had been waiting for an hour,minus the head phones and minus my balance of course and i was bored.Bored is the most civil word to describe how a person feels 9 hours after giving the last exam,after a 2 hours tution,empty stomach (told icetea :( ) and after waiting for 1 and a half hour at some stupid eye clinic cause the doc is stuck in the traffic jam!! And to top it all my mum wont let me have the momos cause according to her 'it would not look nice to eat in a clinic'.So i waited..and waited and waited..until the doc came..My work was done in 5 mins and then i opened momos ka packet..and out comes "veg" momos..!!! UGHHHH..(its a tuesday).So now u have a fair idea how my 'last day of exam ' went! Sigh..this is life...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

You know you are Amanat khullar when..

10.You have your class 12th mid terms exams after exactly 4 days which by the way clashes with your very good friend's 17th birthday!

9.Suddenly every conversation you have with any one elder to you seems to have words like 'SRCC' '98%' 'cut-throat competiton' '17 hours of studies' 'St. Stephens' 'good college' 'family name' thrown in by the latter.

8.Your BFF thinks you have been ignoring her when you feel that it is the other way round,which in turn makes you super angry and sad and dejected ..

7.Certain *biootch* has come out of her shell and is making rude,sarcastic,inappropriate and hurtful comments at you every chance she gets. [No prizes for guessing who i'm reffering to]

6.Your current flame is giving you completely mixed signals and time and again you wonder whether its too late..

5.You miss out on some 'freedom run' shit at school because you have a 'rate measure' and 'realtions and functions' test in your tution at 6.30 am on independence day!!And the worst part is *nobody* seems to notice that you were not present there!

4.Every other elder is telling you to *eat properly* because according to them you have become weak and aneroxic [whatever the spelling maybe].

*this particularly reminds me of a song of freaky friday which goes like..
I'm all wrong. You're right.
It's all the same with you.
I'm too thin, too fat.
You ask why, so
why, so why, so why, so why?*

3.Any excitement you had left of the teachers day has been ruined because of the terms and ofcourse because school is completely sucking right now..

2.Every other second you feel like breaking down.. *sobs*

1.In the middle of this post your phone rings..

*I'm through with standing in line to the clubs i'll never get in.It's like the bottom ninth and i;m never gonnnaaa...* [Ring tone.If you dint get it by now]

M@i: hullo??
J:Hi..aarushi here..
M@i: hey..whats up? How have you been ya..loong tym!
J: Bas aise hi..tu bata..kya kar rahi hai..?? Your out somewhere?
M@i: Na na..i;m at home yaar..studing.. exams start from friday.
J: Shit! it's my birthday yaar..
M@i: I knoww...dont remind me yaaar.. shits..i so wanted to come.
J: Fuck yaar..I'm celebrating on nani's place.. I so wanted you to come..stupid!
M@i: kya karooon yaar..
J:Chal you'll come and meet me na... ?
M@i: ofczz i'll be there..pakka se!
J:chal you study..baaaaaiii

*sobs once again*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday blues..!!

'Appy birthday blogggieee!!!
Today my deriee blog completes one year of existance!!! mwaahzz <3

Friday, July 18, 2008

Caught between rules and desires

I'm pretty inspired by siamese' blog and considering that ive done nothing but lukkha-panti all day long,I should do something constructive.And the only logical thing striking me is that of updating my blog!
School started around 3 weeks back and it has been pretty bad if i may say so myself.UT's started at full swing,ruddy house work all day long,and by the way i'm supposed to look for a kashmiri patriotic song.Excuse me? I'm a punjabi.The only languages that my brain can interpret are Hindi,English core(LOL),Algebra(yeah..that i think is a language in its own way),And titbits of punjabi.Theres no way i can get a word of kashimiri,worse still,i dont even know what it sounds like!! But you know what,I'm brilliant..yeah i totally am,cause i managed the impossible.Shall be getting my hands on that song pretty soon..(more about this later).Getting back to last week,last wednesday infact,i had a math test,now math isnt so bad..but realtions and functions is! After giving a completely disastrous exam i came home to find one of my besties at home.We had been united after 2 months and hence hours of looooong talk followed.Wait.Did i just say hours?? of looong talks?? No! It was just 1 and a half hour of all the talks we could manage.And after that she left, not before we made an entire plan that i would come to her place on friday..would stay over and have a gala time.But alas,its my life we're talking about here,the worse had to happen.I fell ill the next day and couldnt even go to school cause i was sneezing and coughing all day long,so needless to say,by friday my mom had completely given a red signal to all the plans!
And if this wasn't enough,some jerk-head hacked my orkut profile and deleted it.I mean what kind of moron will think of something like this.Amidst all this i saw jaane tu again and as siamese would say,i adored the bushy eyebrow half naked khan!:) I couldn't stop humming to jaaane tuuuuuuu..yaaaaaaa jaane na... all weekend,but this does not mean that i dint slog my a** off to study for my accounts test.I swear i practiced questions from every book i could get my hands on!
But then came wednesday again and i screwed up the paper,it wasn't tough but i found it lengthy,But it does not matter,the bottom line is that i'm not scoring well and that is what matters.So this basically means that my academic life(if thats a word) is completely down in the trash! has always been fun but lately some stupid morons have been coming to school and staring at me through the windows(go get a life for heavens sake) and people at school cant stop bitching about a certain creature(not that i blame them),teachers day planning is zilch till now and every morning i'm seen rumbling through the newspaper to prepare a decent news to be spoken in the assembly.Teachers cant stop talking about how even 92% people are not getting into DU and how the likes of us will be seen struggling to get into a decent college.And also some people cannot shut up about how their life is like a complete fairy tale.So once again,school sucks!And amidst all this my love life like always is non existent!

So coming back to the 'kashmiri song' topic.The deal is being the captain of my house i'm supposed to look for a kashimiri song which will be sung by students of my house on 14th august for some useless competition.Now this female from my old school is a kashmiri,so i figured that she could be of some help.And it turns out she is..but in all this i felt like such an arse (LOL) calling her up after over 5 years of silence and then asking her to mail me some random song, its lyrics and the meaning.Its all just..too weird for me to handle!
And after all this crap i still have to figure out a way to get to my BFF's b'day and stay there for more than juts 2 hours!!!!!

"Till there is CBSE,there shall be prayers at school"

P.S.Sincere thanks to siamese.aka sobster.aka aniesha saigal for devoting her valuable time to help me get a number which will be of high importance in my future! (LOL). *i'm crazy*

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seeing beyond what is meant to be seen

The constant thoughts of the soaring cut offs and reminders that the next few months of my life would be consumed in slogging for a minimum of 95% [save me!] somehow made me realize that i needed a break! I've always been a one to travel a lot and go on regular vacations but the past year has been a dudder on the vacation front,the last one i took was to my beach land ,Goa,after the boards.And before i get engulfed by the studies monster i needed to get away for a while.
And because i gave my family a very short notice we decided to hit the road and go to shimla.I last went there when i was three and had no recollection of it.Though it is like any other hill station but i didn't not go there for scanning the local market or getting a zillion pictures clicked,so not so surprisingly,i hated the constant horns blowing here and there until my uncle took us to this place called the 'potters' hill.And i know,anything having the word 'potter' in it cannot be disappointing. The word beautiful does not do justice to that place.After an hours drive from the hotel we reached some wilderness and decided to walk the rest of the distance.It was drizzling and the sun was shining and the whole scenery was lovely.On our way up we found almost half a dozen different insects,not the gross ones,but the really pretty ones including lady birds and butterflies.We could see the snow covered mountains and hear the birds cause of the complete silence over there.It was one of the most recommended sight seeing places of the small town but surprisingly people preffered to wander the mall road where there was hardly any place to walk rather than go to a place where you can actually breathe fresh air.When after almost an hours walk up the hill,we finally reached the top.The place was actually called 'camp potters hill'.It was basically a camp site for people learning to climb mountains and stuff.There were proper tree houses over there with small chairs and tiny beds and a place without a single living soul.I would kill to live in a place like that.

So basically,what i mean is,a hill station like shimla is not about having pani puris or chaats at the local vendors or hearing the oh so annoying honking all day long.But its about places like these where you can see the sky and the mountains meet and look at some of the most beautiful flowers and where you cn walk for miles and miles just searching for pine cones because they are so darn nice.Well i may sound bonkers but i loved it over there.:)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Anyone leaving my blog without commenting on it will be cursed with the following in their next life:
hair like akshay khanna(i dont think they exits)
brain like rakhi sawant (i dont think that exits either)
dressing sense like vidya balan
height of rani mukherji
dhinchak moves like govinda and
personality of tusshar kapoor

[dhamki bollywood ishtyle]

Thursday, June 19, 2008

So..far away..for far too long!

A couple of weeks back my friend gave me this song "kabhi kabhi aditi" and i hardly listen to hindi songs..but this one is of a kind types..and as it is with so many other songs..this one also seemed to be written truly for me..its funny how ones feelings can be expressed so easily through lyrcis than actual words..
Anyway..the song goes like..
"Kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi mei uhein koi apna lagta hai,kabhi kabhi aditi wo bichad jaye to ek sapna lagta hai.Aise mei koi kaise apne aasuon ko behne se rooke,aur kaise koi soch le everythings gonna be okay?"

It makes so much sense that it sometimes scares me..hehe..
See the deal is,there is this really really nice person i know,and i've known her for only a couple of months but she is a truly jem of a person.We can talk about anyting and evrything..and funnily enough she happens to be my teacher.Well..the reason i'm saying all this is because 'cause of her job shes moving to kuwait permanently.And this may make very little sense to a lot of people and you maybe wondering that rather than being sad,i should celebrate my freedom from a teacher,but then she never was just a teacher to all of us[her students]!
So anyway..after crying buckets and buckets i have realised that some things just arent mean to last has to see the silver lining in evrything ...

"Aditi maana kabhi kabhi saare jahaan mei andheera hota hai,lekin raat key baad hi to savera hota hai"
So..with this song..i wait for the silver lining[which seems to bea fading cause i cant see any..]

Anyway..concluding this..i hope for a lifetime of success for my teacher and i so truly love her![and i secretly hope she hates Kuwait and she comes back!!*grins*]

lastly...i'll quote dumbledore[harry potter? duh!] and say "numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you actually feel it.."

Note to self:See a doctor asap.
You need sleep!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

TAG! what?:-0

Well..this is the second tym im doing this..the first time i did the whole thing but it somehow dint better come this time or my lappy is going to be in serious danger..
anyway so i found these series of questions on aniesha blog..found them..nice and here is my attempt to answer those.. we go again.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on a random page and find random line.
The kite runner.."I fade out.I keep fading in and out".

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
who do u think i am..some psyco freak? well..ya i am! but no im not doing this.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Ibibo I superstar..some guy acting like shahid him..shahid i mean!

4.Without looking, guess what time it is?

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
4.00!!! [wtf]
I have a class in 10 mins.

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Justin singing..'what goes around goes around goes around comes all the way back around..yeahhh...'
i dont get the guy talking about rotation of the earth? [worst joke ever in the history of pathetic jokes]

7. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
R.D. Sharma for class XII..Part 1.
Continuity and differenciation.[yawns at the thought of it]

8. What are you wearing?
A brown tee that says 'Trust me,i'm the next best thing'!;) and blue jeans and yea..kohl(which btw is not smudged!)

9. Did you dream last night? was something about my folks getting me married to some gorgeous hunk! I lovee my dreams..
Reality check:first thing in the morning my mum shouts at me for getting up really late n asks me to start studying right away..!
somehow..reality continues to ruin my life..LOL!=)

[leaves for her tuition..will continue around 7.00]


10.When did you last laugh?
On my way home..when i was listening to Sudarshan..oh sorry..Sud..LOL..!

[Amanat imitating Sud]
"All you party people..aaj mai aapko ek baat batane ja raha hun..waise ye bahoot kam log jante hain aur ab waqt aa gaya hai ki aap bhi jaan lain..dekhiye..baat aisi main painting karta hun..maine ek dil ki painting banaayi se i'm a very romantic person(i cracked up).But maine apne dost ko dikhaayi to usne kaha ki ye to aisa lag raha hai ki do laal rang ki chappalon ko sath main chipka diya ho"

LOL.!i find him hilarious!!!

11.What is on the walls of the room you are in?
One wall has blue texture and the others are full of my paintings and collages..!:)

12.What do u think of this quiz?
IF i could think,would i be even doing this???

13.Which was the last film u saw?
Jab we met..i have to see this movie every week..atleast once! And no,not cause of shahid or kareena but for anshuman!! He cracks me up..every time! what i cant figure out is that whether he acts like that of he's like that only??

[Amanat imitating anshuman]
Ye saale launde mujhe ganne ke khet dikhlane leke jaana chahte hain.KYUN dekhu main ganne ke khet?? Aisi kya khaas baat hai ganne ke kheet main?? him!

14.Tell me something about you that I dunno.
That i'm a complete sucker for anything closely associated with coco(read chocolate)!
oh wait! you knew that..;)

15.If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Bring kuwait to India (well..only very few people will understand this..and if you are not one of them..dont try too hard!)

16. Do you like to dance?
Yeah!!! loooove to dance..but i'm too lazy to move my butt from left to right..getting up and moving my whole body is out of question..!

17.George Bush.
wtf! Osama is gonna get him some day!Or i will!!! hahahahaha(evil laughter)

18.Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
Rehan(somehow love the name..buh no Hrehan..!if the 'H' is silent..why the hell bother to put it in the first place?)

19.Would you ever consider living abroad?
Study abroad? yeah! settle abroad? no!

20.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
How you doin?? [joey style]

21.People who may do this memo in their journal.
oh well..dont care!:)

so..finally done it again..Sweet home alabama airs at 8.20! cant wait!!:)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A path to self discovery..

Well..though the title seems pretty intellectual..i'm feeling compeletely opposite right now.Its a sunday afternoon and i have nothing to do at all.There is nothing good on TV,bored of computer,and sick and tired of differenciation(in simpler words,Math).So i just randomly rumble through my drawer and come across a sheet of paper titled 'Holiday Homework From the Principal's Desk'.I'm sure you must be snorting/rolling you eyes/giggling/or piting me right now.Well it dosent really matter to me..anyway so what is the story behind this bizzare 'homework'?
Date:7th may
Time:somewhere between 12.30-1.00
We have our maths class going on and the teacher is blabbering something about a realtion F and some binary function.And my mind is trying to figure out the lists for the stupid ad act/solo bhajan/hindi debate comeptetions.Enter:principal ma'm(well its a blog and any one can visit it,so necessary to show respect,not that i care).she has a huge bunch of papers in her hands. some speculations about the possibility of a school trip had been doing rounds which had been conformed by the upper council.So me and shimsi get totally excited and start whispering instantly(tch tch tch..what were we expecting).So we were hoping againt hope that princi had come to her sense and had finally agreed to a school trip which by the way is our last chance to have ultimate fun with our forever frinds(sob sob).Comming back to the topic,so the princi has this huge smile on her face and announces that she has personally brought to us holiday homework which is to be submitted on 1st july or which could also be emailed to her peronal id..blah blah blah blaaah...!
Princi:(these may not be her exact words but im trying to b as presise as possible)Well seeingas how your vacations will soon start i would like to give you some things to think for though.[Smile a dramactic pause and then continues].These questions are to be answered truthfully as they will help you to understnd youself better,the more you think about them the more you know yourself.soon you will be out of school and facing the world,it is therefore necessary to atleast know the truth about yourself..
(polite applause)
[If i had my way,i would have asked sarthak to make his cow adam mooooo at this!]
After she left i glanced through the questions and some of them i agree were really good(her assistant seems to gave given this a lot of thought..*wink*)
so here are some of the questions with the answers that i would like to give but which ofcourse i wont give(duh!).

1.Q.How much do i know myself and what i really like to be?

Potential answer:Hmmm...i'm almost 17 years old and to think of it,i never really thought about this(apart from the times that i had to fill the stupid columns "about me" in my various profiles).So does this mean i dont know myself at all...well maybe i dont but then nobody really does know how or what they actually are.Every one goes around with a smile pasted on their faces faking that they have a suberb life or worse there are some people who cry aloud that their life sucks.So basically i know that im never completey satisfied with life(which i think si good beacuse if i were then life in itself would not have any meaning).And as for what i would really like to be,well i am satisfied with how i am and cant see myself in any one elses shoes.But i can name a bunch of people i would NEVER wanna be.

2.Q.How do i envision my future-10 or 20 years hence?

Potential answer:Ohk,firstly,what happened to the whole theory of living in the present??so,you basically want me to either:
a.say some shit like 'I see myself in a comfortable job paying a good salary and prepared for the adventures of life ahead'

b.Or worse make up something like'I see myself in a jail sentenced for a lifetime cause i killed my only daughter cause of some insane reason'
The point i'm trying to make is that left the future reamin a future..unseen.There is no point in making up some huge dreams and then suffering and feeling dejected cause u wernt able to fulfill them.Its always good to plan ahead of time but not at all 'healthy' to completely decide what colour walls you will have after 20 years of in what school your child will go!

3.Q.In how many ways do i waste my time?do i feel guilty about it?

Potential answer:Duh! i can write a book on 10000001 ways to waste time,i mean i know its precious and all but you have gotta have a life.And yah i feel guilty about it a lot,but i dont regret it cause its my decision and then i cover up with my 'studies' later on and as far i know i have been managing just about fine till now.

4.Q.Do i smile,spread cheer ans use winsome words or do I spoil mu environment with my whims and foul words?

Potential answer:The way i see it,if people like UT have made the environment a stinking hell just by existing i it then how can a few foul words make a difference.And sorry im no lunatic who goes around smiling from ear to ear hoping to take away peoples sufferings while doing this so if you would just be a little kind and organise a trip for us(i dont care where to) you will be making a huge differnce to the happiness of mankind and would to blessed by over 200 teens immensely.You are bound to sprad cheer that ways sweetheart!*winks*

There are over 15 more of such questions but my brain is exhausted with so much thinking.I'm done for the day.
*goes to sleep*

Friday, May 23, 2008


P.S.Just random stuff..its byn kinda long i wrote a here goes!

I say i dont care anymore..but i do.
I say i'm not lying to u..but i am.
I say you dont matter now..but you do.
I say i'm moving on..but i'm not.
I say it does not hurt at all..but it does.
I say i'm happy..but i'm not.
I say time heals all..but it does not.
I say i'm gonna be all right..but i wont be.
I say its past now..but its not.
I say its not the end..but it is.
I say i'm not lonely..but i am.
I say i never loved you..but i still do.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Current mood:NUMB

Numbness prevails as i recollect todays events..
I had an a/c class at 9.30 am but it began at 10 cause some people are such lazy bums to make it on time(includin
so for around half an hour we were sitting and chatting with ma'am and obviously the topic was the murder of arushi.
So first let me update you on the topic,a class 9 DPS noida girl was killed(throat slit) while she was sleeping and within a couple of hours after that the main suspect,the servent was killed in the exact same manner.The parents of the girl are both dentists and apparently they were not aware that their daughters dead body was in her room..(they discovered it after 14 hours of the murder).So the point is,why am i writing this,not that i knew her personally,but many of my friends did.Almost all of my a/c class batch is in DPS noida,and my a/c teacher teaches there.Another friend of mine is in the same dance class as arushi was.So bsically i am not connected to her but somehow these events shake you up,i feel so numb and weird and disgusted at the cruelty of the world and the damn injustice!
thats it for now..
May Arushi's soul rest in peace!

Time flies by as the pendulum swings!

time simply HAS flown by since i posted anything on my blog,almost 2 months to be presise.
so considering how people(read aniesha) have become so very philosophical,i need to start working on my writing skill..
talking about skills..n being philosophical,in the past few weks i have been remineded a considerable number of times that i am far too innocent and baby-like to be in the 12th grade.
these sincere observations have been made by my dear mom and my bff's!
dont know what has gotten into mom,but my bff's have surely been right of some people.only last sunday was one of my bff's surprise party and we ended up reading her personaly diary(we are such bitches i tell you) which revealed ceratin truths about some1 which i was completely alien too...and i felt guilt afterwards cause now i cant be the same around 'that person'.but seeing how supportive my frinds are(gosh i love you guys!),they made me realise that i shudnt be gulity cause she is the one who is such a fake bitch(whats up wit me n the whole abusing thing..).
so anywhay i read this somewhre and it certainly goes with the mood!
"Its sad when people you know become people you knew,when you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life,how you used to be able to talk for hours and now you can barely even look at them"!
so enough of sighing..i need to get a grip..its not like my whole entire life depends on one soul!
enough of the philosophical part..back to the crazydodo amanat.
So, i'm in the 12th grade now..the last and final year of school, and and my gang are not taking this too well...we keep on clicking picturs so we can savour these 'last year' memories..we write on each other's arms goodbye messages..and somewhre deep down we know that with this year comming to an end,a little part of us will surely fade aches to think that we will part ways sometime soon enough!So after a week long of freaking hours long extra classes i'm a free bird!Notexactly cause i have tutions 6 days a week...but the 1 hour a/c class does not qualify as studiescause its sooo much fun and the 2 hours of math class is fun in its own way..!
So i guess that's it for now..catch up later!g'nyte..
P.s. after 3 weeks of moaning and after throwing endless tantrums and after a millions sighs..i finally found my entnic earings and my copy of HP!:D
I AM a complete dodo..hehe..i admit that..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

career fiasco..!

mum and i were driving to waves today and we had this conversation on our way. we need to do some course after 12th so as to give an entrance for journalism?
Mom:I've no clue,ill find out if you want me to.
Me:Oh dats fine..i toked to shreya and she was toking bout sum classes,ill ask her.
Mom:but do you actually want to do this??
Me:Mom? u know iv always wanted to be a journalist,let me atleast give the entrance.
Mom:(hesitating)we have gone over this before honnorse and then mba are best for you.You can think of going to the london school of economics.after that u get a series of jobs and get into high posts.
Me:but mom!! money isnt evrything u know.!!
Mom:i know that but see whre ur lalit bhaiya is today..we know better..

thats all hopes of a career in journalism,my dream has been crushed..forver!sob!!:(


This is to bring to your notice that a pair of blue ethinic earrings and a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince are missing..If found,please contact Ms.Amanat...
sob sob!
shock of losing this stuff has kinda made me a lil insane..:-(

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

no nonsense!

actually the title shud b no-sense cause seriously nafin at all is making sense right now..i mean evrythin is soo goddamn complicated! n why the hell have i strted using the word goddamn so much.
anyway i hate the fact tha i am in noida..i mean not that thers sumfin wrong wit it..i mean i love it..buh i hate that fact that its soo far away from kalkaji whre half my universe survives..!
so..alright if namratas bestest frnds fot wit her..buh dey cannot expect me to not to tok to her..i mean shes always byn nyc to me..uff i hate taking sides..n i hate the complications..n i hate misunderstndings...n i hate the fact that my blog is not going i like the fact that no one except maybe aniesha reads this so its like kind of a personal diary or sumfin..

ok so m 2nd in class wit an 82% aggregate n that i totally love my new a/c teacher..n i adore commerce...buh ppl dont have to turn it into a nightmare
i hate it wen ppl go on n on n on bout how-commerceez are dumbheads..i know they mean well buh what the... go get a life..oh man..why m i soo angry at nafin at all

n i totally hate that my my current favourite soap the beat years is soo dpressing right now..i mean SAM.. go tell DEVIN evrything..gosh devin is soo cute..wink wink!

nafin else to say..skul opens in another mayb ill have sumthing interesting and for a change happy to write bout!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LOOOONG seee!:(

yahhh...looooong tym..more than 4 months..i havnt posed a single post.
neway so..sup wit me these days..well 11th is over n waiting for 12th to well lets start wit whre i left last..
well the annaul day was finally over..n it was gr8..made sum relly gud frnds..including sweetheart..
during r final practises we all wre playin dis game n daksh had to tell1 thing bout me shimsi n pragu..n lukin at me he was lyk-ye didi to badi sweet choo cute!
p.s. chota bachha hai..6thy hai..topic over
oh well so he has dis frnd rohan ahuja..n v all call him ahuja.
so well one day after the annaul day..i call him sumfin else instead of ahuja(purely by mistake)..[dis is known to only shimsi niki drishti n pragu]..n dey tease me sooooooo much bout i call him rohan only..
well the couincil is made..m the house captain..apne house ki...n the december goes in all stupid house activities n sports day...neway so after tat winter vacations n den cums jan..
well after the long break frm studies due to sports day n annaul day..we again do not get to c the face of books due to farewell..yeah farwell..well i still dream bout dat oh-so-amazing day! sigh..good things end so farwell ke entire 1 month we wre doing evrythin frm the decor work to the dances...such awsum fun...dances turned out soo gud n the decor was fab(the theme was finally decided to b desi punk)...n my perfect purple-pinkish(lol) suit was soo amazin...hehe..loved it..n my pics hav cum out soo well...after suchha loong tymm.neway so after the farewell ended at arnd 4 it was tym for conty..n till 7.30 v danced non stop..wit little drizzle n amazin in short the best day of our life! lol..loved it.. wish such day keep short 11th ended on a gr8 note!
yah...funny how 11th js began n now its almost over
well almost all the feb goes by in slogging non stop for the eggjams( i know stupid studies in the middle of allll the fun)
neway so the exams are gone n i prefer not to tok bout it buh i wud love to tok bout the after exam party!
so on the 7th weBREAK OUT of school at arnd 10.30(well it wasnt much of a big deal buh aisa bolne se achhi feel ati we (me niki drish pragu) walk all the way to city walk..awsum walk of all time..reach der n enter into metropolitan(us dummies..hehe)..well so v chnge r clothes n go to metropolitan n den keep our clothes at tommy(lol..m proud of dis)..neway i was SO glad my di did not mention the P word(if ur niki/drish/pragu u'l get it..ne1 else dont evn try to figure out) after dat we sit at n niki hav lemon ice tea n drish n pragu hav sum amazin chocolate milkshake wit icecream thingie(m soo J) lol...n den sit der for arnd half n hour n den go to the food court..we wre rellly hungry by dat tym..had a bento box..1 pizza n 1 plate garlic bread n wre quite full..after dat stred our non-stop-gossip session...n v wre tokin non stop for a couple of hours...den naman anish anushuman n pratek sum...v tok for a couple o mins n den dey go..n after a while we move r butts n glue them in front of a gilato i hav to mention that gelatio etaliano is the bestest inc cream ever...n v had meri choice ka 1 cup n bakiyon ki choice ka 1 cup..ovly my choice was v sit n chat sum more..den those guys cum again..exclusin anshuman n including avinash dis tym..n teart us to 2 more cups of dark italian chocolate..yum! by dis tym its 4.30 so v leve 4 saket's house..after arnd half hour of house serching n way embaressing auto ride(LOL) we rech his place...der wre lyk 7-8 more ppl der..the other part of our grp..n we played pitthu n kabaddi( had chuski n den left for drishtis place...(me niki n drish)...frm der went to big chill..had the most amazin dinner ever...wit dilicious dessert..n went to her place..wre tokin(read bitching/gossiping) till 5..den slept off..frm 9-5 we wtchg mp3..had sum yummy kababs n had a major pillow up at arnd 9.30..had pancakes(noticed how much we eat!!!)...n got bak into the quilts again...left her place..went to mcdonalds...ate sum more then left for nanis plce..amazin 2 days der...den bak home...after cumin bak..nxt day went 4 jodha akbar(gawd i lluv 2day i went 4 mithya(LOL..funny)..n now planning to wtch final destination in short havin an amzing tym...its quite summed up here in the post tho...well so i had a chat wit aniesha..luv her blog as usual..we again had out 'crush conversation'..hehe..n i get such amazin song choices frm her..neway..adore u to death..i hope v are able to meet up sooon...neway so its gettin late..iv to go for sum shopping[:D] kyp reading my blog..n take care! ciao..