Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time flies by as the pendulum swings!

time simply HAS flown by since i posted anything on my blog,almost 2 months to be presise.
so considering how people(read aniesha) have become so very philosophical,i need to start working on my writing skill..
talking about skills..n being philosophical,in the past few weks i have been remineded a considerable number of times that i am far too innocent and baby-like to be in the 12th grade.
these sincere observations have been made by my dear mom and my bff's!
dont know what has gotten into mom,but my bff's have surely been right of some people.only last sunday was one of my bff's surprise party and we ended up reading her personaly diary(we are such bitches i tell you) which revealed ceratin truths about some1 which i was completely alien too...and i felt guilt afterwards cause now i cant be the same around 'that person'.but seeing how supportive my frinds are(gosh i love you guys!),they made me realise that i shudnt be gulity cause she is the one who is such a fake bitch(whats up wit me n the whole abusing thing..).
so anywhay i read this somewhre and it certainly goes with the mood!
"Its sad when people you know become people you knew,when you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life,how you used to be able to talk for hours and now you can barely even look at them"!
so enough of sighing..i need to get a grip..its not like my whole entire life depends on one soul!
enough of the philosophical part..back to the crazydodo amanat.
So, i'm in the 12th grade now..the last and final year of school, and and my gang are not taking this too well...we keep on clicking picturs so we can savour these 'last year' memories..we write on each other's arms goodbye messages..and somewhre deep down we know that with this year comming to an end,a little part of us will surely fade aches to think that we will part ways sometime soon enough!So after a week long of freaking hours long extra classes i'm a free bird!Notexactly cause i have tutions 6 days a week...but the 1 hour a/c class does not qualify as studiescause its sooo much fun and the 2 hours of math class is fun in its own way..!
So i guess that's it for now..catch up later!g'nyte..
P.s. after 3 weeks of moaning and after throwing endless tantrums and after a millions sighs..i finally found my entnic earings and my copy of HP!:D
I AM a complete dodo..hehe..i admit that..

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Snobster said...

1> i luv the backgrnd...its perfect for my secret mission..i might as well steal[m a devil muaaahhh]
2>im NOT PHILOSOPHICAL...i sAW popeye after ages and memory lane carried me back and i became old n senile in my writing
3>ur blogs are still great and not crap so stop analysing stuff.jus cuz my blogs gt printed dat dusnt make any diff..i appear to be a psycho nerd freak in dat mag wid my blog.
4> u found ur stuff !! Congos!!!!