Thursday, November 8, 2007

what a day!!:)

it all started wn i woke up at 6 in the morning and saw 5 new msgs..(i knw sounds dumb but thers nafin lyk gettin up in the mrning n readin gudnyt i hav a quick bath..catch the bus and go to skul...point to b noted...2mrw is diwali n 2day v r being called to skul...(for dance prctice) ther lyk no justice in this world?? moving v reach skul...wtch nilgiri lose 6-0 to kailash(football match)...seems lyk just anther well we have a half hour o dance prctice..then v go to the canteen...have lemonade..breadpakora n fruity...(yum!!)..n frm there chose a nyc cosy spot n lisin to amazin songs like jab se teri naina(aaahhh....!) refers to me shimzi n v lisin to amazin songs...then go bak to prctice..js to fynd out that prctice is over n v cn go home...yayee!! well b4 dat i v went to the loo cause my hair was a mess n i had to fix it..n prgu made this totally funny video of myn...omg we wre rolling on the floor while seeing iv deleted it so thers no way ur gnna c my ever emmaressing hair seeting in toilet video!well after dat we leave skul n im supposed to go to my dadi's house n mummas supposed to pick me up..js that dadi is not at home!(:D) so we take the route we wre supposed to go in 29 but rahul mehra forced us to go in 19 cause otherwise he wud hav gttn relly bored..!note to self:kill rahul mehra! ps.ill js explain gettin bak to after we gt out of skul..we decided to clik pics...WE here refers to me banita sugu namrata n we actually stand in front of buses n click pics...hehe...then in 19 we lisind to sum more amazin songs..cliked sum more amazin pics n r on our way to home sweet home..js a teeny meeny problem...v had to reach kalkaji n we wre taking a zillion rounds of cr park! it tuk us 20 n additional 10 minutes to realize that v shud get down in cr park givin mehra sum bad luks v get down n take an auto .ps "1" auto...5 ppl(including namrata...hehe) in 1 auto...oh mannnnn what fun!! so js to prove to ppl ki v all fitten in 1 auto v strted clikin pics..oh mannn..after a zillion tries v finnaly fitted in 1 pic!(ps i evn said that v can fit in an AUTO but not in an PHOTO..i  knw relly bad but sum ppl smiled so that i shut up..hehe)...n so v reach namratas place..n me chaavi n namrata hav awsum tym discussin evry thing frm crakers to diwali to annual day to trip..n clik sum more amazin pics..hehe...den sadly mummy arives n iv to go to nanis house...n there i have soooooo much fun wit my adorable ansh!!...leave arnd bak home..n mum tels me to go to spice n buy tickets for saturday!(:D) i change like maanias..hav a glass of water n olmost flyy away....n phew i got the tickets for saawariya on sat! hehehe! yayeee...n now m bak home..writing all this..n yaya..india scored 321/9! i mean how amazin is that!!!!! now my fingers r aching n iv to watch cheeni kum!(:D)...n a/c tution also got thats it for nw...iv to make sum arrangements for diwali as well...n 'friends' airs in axctly 6 minutes...gotta go..!
i luved todays day!hehe...!