Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where'd you go..I miss you so..!

I look at you..and then I silently look away..
A million things inside my head..a hundred things I need to say..
Without you..i don’t belong anywhere
But somewhere you have forgotten..the special friendship we shared..
‘WE’..dont make sense anymore..
It feels as if you’ve sailed far away..and I’m waiting at the shore
Night after night I stare into space..
Conjure up dreams and imagine your face

They say I’m better off w/o you..and I know they are right

But i've been walking through darkness for so long..that its hard to see the light
In no time we’ll move our separate ways and I’ll be a distant memory to you
But you are one of the people I’ll never of the very few

You seem to have moved on..have found other people to call your own

I do have a crowd surrounding me..but i've never felt so alone

I know you hurt me..and made tears flow endlessly..
But now I promise to move on..not for you..but to set myself free…!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are back to "mentalshental" because after all the 'soul searching' i decided to just switch back to the original one...You know how they say -"Don't mend it if it's not broken"....

Tale of ice tea,momos and zero balance..

Finally the exams are at bay and i'm free of the excruciating pain of spoiling my sleep and studying for hours on stretch.Now i can concentrate on more important activities like..ummm?? update my blog for one,get my cell recharged, make plans for teachers day and 17th b'day,update my blog,catch the movie rock on, eat ,waste my time on tv and net and yeah..update my blog!

So here i am after over 2 weeks of silence and it would be nice if the "exams" were not mentioned. ehm,for obvious reasons.So unlike every year i did not go anywhere after my terms except attend my tuitions of course(ur obviously thinking i'm a big nerd ,aren't u?? oh come on..spit it out!!).The reason being that we have huge plans (read no plans at all because the task of fixing a place has been left on souls like gaurav/hemant blah blah..) for teachers day and i'm gonna be wearing a sarreeee...i know sound 'aunty like' but i cant wait.So i went to GIP today because i was craving for hot choco fudge,but before that i had my share of kebabs and i needed ice tea! But the insane woman at the counter kept telling me to wait.I finished my food,nibbled from my mums plate,blackmailed my bro to give me his Kathi roll but still no ice tea.And then the woman has the nerve to come and tell me that their machine has broken down so i can choose between coke/pepsi/sprite/limca/fanta.So i told her..i dont wanna know the beverages on your menu,i want my ice tea or my money,anyway so after 10 more mins of argument my mum told me to shut it and has pepsi the title making sense now??

After wandering through every store including archies,pantaloons,matikar i finally found the perfect earing to go with my saare.Do i sound like a retard? I'm just a heck excited!
And my cell balance is exactly 0.8 rs and cannot message/give a call/missed call/mms(dirty thoughts hun?) to anyone which explains why my phone is beeping and i'm not even bothering to get up.My marginal utility is going way down(had an eco exams aaj..i guess that must have solved your query).

Oh i completely forgot the momos..So after my tuition i had an appointment at the doctor and i had been waiting for an hour,minus the head phones and minus my balance of course and i was bored.Bored is the most civil word to describe how a person feels 9 hours after giving the last exam,after a 2 hours tution,empty stomach (told icetea :( ) and after waiting for 1 and a half hour at some stupid eye clinic cause the doc is stuck in the traffic jam!! And to top it all my mum wont let me have the momos cause according to her 'it would not look nice to eat in a clinic'.So i waited..and waited and waited..until the doc came..My work was done in 5 mins and then i opened momos ka packet..and out comes "veg" momos..!!! UGHHHH..(its a tuesday).So now u have a fair idea how my 'last day of exam ' went! Sigh..this is life...