Thursday, February 4, 2010

Those few words.

There is a paper thin wall that separates us.
Me and them.
The ghosts of my past; maybe just the shadow of the future.
I don't know, I never will.
Light i demand, 'cus they say light will take them away.
They say I won't see them when the sun shines.
But deep down I know they are still there.
The shadow.
It lingers over me as I fight to sleep.
It surrounds me like a cloud.
So I wish for rain, to take it away.
Because they say that once it rains, the cloud will be gone.
But deep down i know, it will come back again.
Hope. Dream. Forever.
Mere words or maybe more. Who knows? Who will ever know?
They mean something to you, nothing to me perhaps.
Do I really want them to go? The ghosts.
Am I so afraid of being alone?