Wednesday, March 26, 2008

career fiasco..!

mum and i were driving to waves today and we had this conversation on our way. we need to do some course after 12th so as to give an entrance for journalism?
Mom:I've no clue,ill find out if you want me to.
Me:Oh dats fine..i toked to shreya and she was toking bout sum classes,ill ask her.
Mom:but do you actually want to do this??
Me:Mom? u know iv always wanted to be a journalist,let me atleast give the entrance.
Mom:(hesitating)we have gone over this before honnorse and then mba are best for you.You can think of going to the london school of economics.after that u get a series of jobs and get into high posts.
Me:but mom!! money isnt evrything u know.!!
Mom:i know that but see whre ur lalit bhaiya is today..we know better..

thats all hopes of a career in journalism,my dream has been crushed..forver!sob!!:(


This is to bring to your notice that a pair of blue ethinic earrings and a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince are missing..If found,please contact Ms.Amanat...
sob sob!
shock of losing this stuff has kinda made me a lil insane..:-(

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

no nonsense!

actually the title shud b no-sense cause seriously nafin at all is making sense right now..i mean evrythin is soo goddamn complicated! n why the hell have i strted using the word goddamn so much.
anyway i hate the fact tha i am in noida..i mean not that thers sumfin wrong wit it..i mean i love it..buh i hate that fact that its soo far away from kalkaji whre half my universe survives..!
so..alright if namratas bestest frnds fot wit her..buh dey cannot expect me to not to tok to her..i mean shes always byn nyc to me..uff i hate taking sides..n i hate the complications..n i hate misunderstndings...n i hate the fact that my blog is not going i like the fact that no one except maybe aniesha reads this so its like kind of a personal diary or sumfin..

ok so m 2nd in class wit an 82% aggregate n that i totally love my new a/c teacher..n i adore commerce...buh ppl dont have to turn it into a nightmare
i hate it wen ppl go on n on n on bout how-commerceez are dumbheads..i know they mean well buh what the... go get a life..oh man..why m i soo angry at nafin at all

n i totally hate that my my current favourite soap the beat years is soo dpressing right now..i mean SAM.. go tell DEVIN evrything..gosh devin is soo cute..wink wink!

nafin else to say..skul opens in another mayb ill have sumthing interesting and for a change happy to write bout!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LOOOONG seee!:(

yahhh...looooong tym..more than 4 months..i havnt posed a single post.
neway so..sup wit me these days..well 11th is over n waiting for 12th to well lets start wit whre i left last..
well the annaul day was finally over..n it was gr8..made sum relly gud frnds..including sweetheart..
during r final practises we all wre playin dis game n daksh had to tell1 thing bout me shimsi n pragu..n lukin at me he was lyk-ye didi to badi sweet choo cute!
p.s. chota bachha hai..6thy hai..topic over
oh well so he has dis frnd rohan ahuja..n v all call him ahuja.
so well one day after the annaul day..i call him sumfin else instead of ahuja(purely by mistake)..[dis is known to only shimsi niki drishti n pragu]..n dey tease me sooooooo much bout i call him rohan only..
well the couincil is made..m the house captain..apne house ki...n the december goes in all stupid house activities n sports day...neway so after tat winter vacations n den cums jan..
well after the long break frm studies due to sports day n annaul day..we again do not get to c the face of books due to farewell..yeah farwell..well i still dream bout dat oh-so-amazing day! sigh..good things end so farwell ke entire 1 month we wre doing evrythin frm the decor work to the dances...such awsum fun...dances turned out soo gud n the decor was fab(the theme was finally decided to b desi punk)...n my perfect purple-pinkish(lol) suit was soo amazin...hehe..loved it..n my pics hav cum out soo well...after suchha loong tymm.neway so after the farewell ended at arnd 4 it was tym for conty..n till 7.30 v danced non stop..wit little drizzle n amazin in short the best day of our life! lol..loved it.. wish such day keep short 11th ended on a gr8 note!
yah...funny how 11th js began n now its almost over
well almost all the feb goes by in slogging non stop for the eggjams( i know stupid studies in the middle of allll the fun)
neway so the exams are gone n i prefer not to tok bout it buh i wud love to tok bout the after exam party!
so on the 7th weBREAK OUT of school at arnd 10.30(well it wasnt much of a big deal buh aisa bolne se achhi feel ati we (me niki drish pragu) walk all the way to city walk..awsum walk of all time..reach der n enter into metropolitan(us dummies..hehe)..well so v chnge r clothes n go to metropolitan n den keep our clothes at tommy(lol..m proud of dis)..neway i was SO glad my di did not mention the P word(if ur niki/drish/pragu u'l get it..ne1 else dont evn try to figure out) after dat we sit at n niki hav lemon ice tea n drish n pragu hav sum amazin chocolate milkshake wit icecream thingie(m soo J) lol...n den sit der for arnd half n hour n den go to the food court..we wre rellly hungry by dat tym..had a bento box..1 pizza n 1 plate garlic bread n wre quite full..after dat stred our non-stop-gossip session...n v wre tokin non stop for a couple of hours...den naman anish anushuman n pratek sum...v tok for a couple o mins n den dey go..n after a while we move r butts n glue them in front of a gilato i hav to mention that gelatio etaliano is the bestest inc cream ever...n v had meri choice ka 1 cup n bakiyon ki choice ka 1 cup..ovly my choice was v sit n chat sum more..den those guys cum again..exclusin anshuman n including avinash dis tym..n teart us to 2 more cups of dark italian chocolate..yum! by dis tym its 4.30 so v leve 4 saket's house..after arnd half hour of house serching n way embaressing auto ride(LOL) we rech his place...der wre lyk 7-8 more ppl der..the other part of our grp..n we played pitthu n kabaddi( had chuski n den left for drishtis place...(me niki n drish)...frm der went to big chill..had the most amazin dinner ever...wit dilicious dessert..n went to her place..wre tokin(read bitching/gossiping) till 5..den slept off..frm 9-5 we wtchg mp3..had sum yummy kababs n had a major pillow up at arnd 9.30..had pancakes(noticed how much we eat!!!)...n got bak into the quilts again...left her place..went to mcdonalds...ate sum more then left for nanis plce..amazin 2 days der...den bak home...after cumin bak..nxt day went 4 jodha akbar(gawd i lluv 2day i went 4 mithya(LOL..funny)..n now planning to wtch final destination in short havin an amzing tym...its quite summed up here in the post tho...well so i had a chat wit aniesha..luv her blog as usual..we again had out 'crush conversation'..hehe..n i get such amazin song choices frm her..neway..adore u to death..i hope v are able to meet up sooon...neway so its gettin late..iv to go for sum shopping[:D] kyp reading my blog..n take care! ciao..