Monday, April 26, 2010

Life is good again..!!

Good is an understatement. Life is great. Better than great.. what is better than great? It's-my-Super-awesome-life! :P

So much enthusiasm is gonna give my poor blog constipation. It's used to my cribbing and near suicidal posts. So this one is going to come as a major surprise, a good surprise I hope :)

My baby.. I've missed you! You're gonna turn 3 soon and I have been so unfaithful to you. I hardly ever write, and I break my promises of being regular- every time!So.. I can understand if you're upset. [ ..and reader, I can totally understand if you think I'm crazy] But I promise you, you are going to a see a lot more of me from now on. [Note to self: Update blog regularly or else the very few people who follow it might just disappear]

My love for life is overflowing and is finding it's way of expression through this post.. So, the good news is.. B.A. (hons) Economics, Ist Year is.. OVER! [ My ghost will haunt you forever if you even dare to ask how the exams went]
Yes, the finals FINALLY ended today after torturing me for over a month. I'm free for another two months now. First year is over. This is gonna take some time to sink in.. This year has passed in such a blur but it wouldn't have been so amazing without N and R sitting by my side gulping down Gin and Tonic.. :) I love you guys! Now we are going to become seniors, and we are going to kick some Ass!

The afternoon was spent planning trips.. Mussoorie is on top of the list for holiday options. I really hope it works out.
Have a lot to do now. All the pending stuff from catching up with my loser best friends to redecorating the room are going to see fulfillment now.!

So.. gonna end this one with a huge smile. :)