Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nostalgia..lingers on..!

I cannot digest the fact that i can actually count the two digit number of days left for school to end,43 to be precise. Its not that i like school,its just that i love it with every part of my being.No matter how bad some of our days have been,and no matter how much our teachers have tortured us,all of us have this special spot for 'school' in our hearts.
And the fact that i unconditionally,and truly madly deeply adore my friends is gonna make the separation even harder.Some of my buddies are making scrapbooks so that they can relive these days..i on the other hand decided to write a blog about it..(pretty neat hun? Well..i'm basically too lazy to cut out pictures and use glitter pens on sheets of paper and then assemble all of it).

Anyway.. "school" has a weird effect on me..there is so much i want to say..but somehow i'm out of words right now...
I came to BVN in the 8th grade...with the fear of not knowing anybody..and now very soon i'll leave with tears after knowing everyone for almost 4 years..!
There are endless little little incidents which i think..ill never forget...
I'm gonna miss....
1.Bunking assembly with the patent "we are batch holders" excuse
2.coming late to all the classes and then escaping every single time..
3.Amanat: Yaar..Loo chal rahi hai?
Pragya(looking outside the window): nahi yaar loo to nai chal rahi.
4.Going to the loo and cursing the school for not putting up mirrors and finding new graffiti by 11thies..everyday!
5.Copying duggals dance moves everytime she turns her back on us...(Aise debit karte hain...aise credit karte hain).
6.Bunking games period and then taking rounds of the field as punishment..or even better-picking up small pebbles from the field..!
7.Mixing up shubro and shoumendu's names on purpose and then seeing them fume!!
8.Staring at nitika's CLIP and making 1001 jokes on it..
9.Telling pepsi to act like a GIRL...!!!
10.Cows and bulls
11.Going to canteen every single day...with an empty pocket and coming out with a full tummy..
12.Running around in the canteen to steal just one sip of leamonade
13.Playing 'oonch neech ka paapda' and 'chupan chupaai' and then..being imitated by 11thies doing the same
14.NEVER doing house work
15.Running for free ice cream..
17.Gossip sessions..early in the morning
18.Finishing off kinnis sandwiches at 7.15 am and setting a new record!
19.Clicking inumerable pictures in all dumb poses!
20.About turn on seeing vineeta kaul/vicey
21.Making new plans on bunking school every week..(and still not having the guts....)
22.Ultra cute senior head boys ;)
23.Teachers ki saari par discussion..[Duggal ke paas aur koi saari nai hai kya?? PJ ki saari's uski mum in law laati hai..kool na?? Ye every monday white saari hi kyun pahanti hai??????]
24.Preparing for farewell dances and BANTA ke shout sessions..!!
25.Teachers day..:)
26.Batch party..!!! :) :)
27.Gurnoor: Ye khali ki awaaz mei kaun baat kar raha hai?
29.Senti moments with shimsu...cursing the ediotic guys with the patent "We are much better off with out them!! "
31.Taking out a 100 faults about school..and still loving it!
32.But pappu cant dance saala!! :)
33." of luck nahi...all the best bol!! "
34.Using annual function as an excuse to bunk 237574985976447 classes.
35."Why the hell cant we get cell phones to school??"
36."Havent heard of bvn? walk ke peeche hai humara school!! "
37.Crying...and then being consoled..!:(
38.Fighting for little bites from your own tiffin box
39."abey...shit!!aaj uska b'day hai?? Maine to 12 o clock usse wish hi nahi kiya!!"
40."Baaraah (12) baj gayeeee!!" :P
41.Singh is kinng..singh is kinng..singh is kinng..!!
43.Ohhhhh..giri giri giri..
44.Puppy power
45."omg..did u see what she was wearing??!!"
46."Fuck! bell kab baji??? Vandy maam jaan le lengi!! "

well... "to be continued"
I;m too nostalgic .. :(