Monday, December 21, 2009

This was long due.. :)

The entire ride home my mind has been having a conversation with itself. And it got so intense that I almost missed my station, twice.

Dysfunctional. Blurred. Mixed. Confused. These barely describe what I have been going through lately. Too many emotions coming together. Emotionally drained and feel like I'm going to either break down or pass out any second. Major cramps, severe eye allergy and a bad hair day is not helping matters. The year has reached its final lap and '09 is going to be over in less than 10 days. It's been a good one overall. I have changed in more ways than one and not only on the outside. I no longer hang out with the same people anymore, my playlist does not have the songs which I once used to love,have gained a lot of weight[ :-( ], my priorities have changed, I'm even more clueless about my journey, a lot of people have made their way into my life.. and a few have said their silent goodbyes. There have been a lot of tears and even more smiles, many celebrations, many events that might have changed me in ways that can't be altered. The people who I look upto are no longer the same, the problems I once had seem so silly now...and yes, its been a good year.

When I was leaving school, a lot of people told me, " Don't ever change".. Is it possible for a person to not change? I mean really.. we all do...change somehow, for better and maybe sometimes for the worse.

There is a lot going on inside me which I needed to pour out. I could have called up any of my best friends who would have more than eagerly listened to me vent out. But today, i just needed to talk to someone who would not given any opinion, none at all. And hence the reason for the post.

I feel I'm growing up. This may make a lot of people I know laugh their ass off ( shoe size 3 and growing up it seem! ). But I can really feel it. Have been handling things which are way beyond my maturity level and then having a lot of frustration to deal way. Have been very short tempered lately.. have hurt a lot of people who mean the world to me and haven't been able to bring myself to apologize to them.
Basically, growing up sucks! Yes you are old enough to drive and smoke and get married and have sex and party and all that. But once you do actually 'grow up' the world which was once a perfect place starts showing its true colors.. You realize that sometimes, mom's hug cannot solve everything, that sometimes even your best friends are going to let you down, that sometimes the people who you 'love' are going to shatter you ( but then put you back together also), that people lie- all the time, hardly anyone ever says what they mean, people are going to die, you are gonna get hurt, that sometimes the pain is going to be too much, and sometimes love is not going to be enough.

No, I'm not a pessimist. I'm just being practical. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You know your DU vacations are going on when..

1. You have a 20 day break from college,and you know exactly how to utilize this precious time. (Do you?)

2. Your planning fails on the second day of vacations.

3. You read the Delhi Times twice just to idle out another 20 minutes.

4. You update your FB status message 10 times a day and then wonder why people say that you are addicted to facebook.

5. You take a random picture of yours, edit it, put stickers and text in it, crop it, make some more corrections in it, add a really nice frame, repeat the same with 2-3 more pics, make a collage out of it. And delete it.

6. You text all your friends some random forward message and then wait for the phone to vibrate expecting them to reply. *Sigh*

7. You call up Vodafone just to have someone to talk to. (Ok! now that sounds desperate. I never actually did that. :P)

8. You countdown the days until when the college reopens. :D

9. You search the lyrics of some random song you heard on the radio, download it, put it in your cell and listen to it all day long.

10. You make a huge deal about your tuition's and brag about your 1 hour of studying for 2-3 days.. :P

11. You watch Big boss, Exhasted, Dare to date and Pati Pantni aur woh, in succession, with interest. And then wonder why people make such senseless serials and on top of that why do people watch it. *Clears throat*

12. Open the fridge twenty times a day expecting something good to magically appear out of thin air, then give up and just order a pizza.

13. Take pointless quizzes on facebook.

14. Make elaborate plans to meet with your friends, watch movies, have a blast. Yawn and just login to facebook again.

15. Go through random people's pictures, comment on each one of them labeling them as either a slut or a bore.

16. Watch Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na/ Jab We Met/ RHTDM every time it airs even if it is the 99th time that you're watching it.

17. Take unnecessarily long showers and then complain about the water shortage and how people waste so much of water and remain unconcerned about the environment.

18. Go to the mall just to buy a new pair of Reebok tracks promising yourself that you're gonna start regular walks the next morning. Or evening was it? Oh no.. next week. Umm...which tracks? Reebok? Never heard of them before. Mummy....sone do please...kal se pakka walk.

19. You write an entire post on how bored you are.

20. Now you are gonna make every one read it. :P

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simple pleasures of a complicated Life.

We are back people. And I truly apologize to the two and half people who follow my blog and might have noticed my absence. It gives me great pleasure to announce that my blog has turned 2. :)[And it hurts me, physically HURTS me that I forgot and am a month late to wish the poor little thing].

My blog isn't the only one whose growing up by the way. Ahem ahem. I've been told that being subtle works wonders. So all I'm going to say is. All kinds of gifts welcomed, make this wonderful day special for me (okay. I'm completely overboard).

So yea, I'm going to be an "Adult" in less than 3 days. Which should make me what.. Super excited? All enthu? Riding on cloud nine? But no. I don't feel anything. I'm numb. Comfortably Numb.No, I'm not cribbing or complaining and It's not like I don;t have any plans.. but I guess being an adult is completely over rated. There isn;t a lot you can do which you weren't already doing anyway. I mean yea, I can drive..and Vote (okay..whatever makes you happy. *rolls eyes*), And smoke (Umm..?) And yea as Nikita suggested, we both can run away from home now. LOL. Think big I say. :)

I don't really have any excuse for my absence, and no reasons also. Just that, was too caught up with all the changes that I just couldn't bring myself to pen it all down. You basically know the 'changes' i'm referring to,don't you? I mean the same stuff. School ko tata bye-bye and college ko hello. how are you.

Now, not only have we accepted that we are Ramus (so much for a low self esteem). Ahem. Ramjas-ites. (whatever). We have actually become a part of it. I mean,the cheesy hindi songs,the afternoon's on staircases, the subah subah ka naashta in the corridor and the table banging and cheering during elections. Man. I miss the elections. The way those 'Studs' entered the class with marigold garlands around their neck, in white shirts, well tucked in and folded hands full toosh neta ishtyle and say in a very high pitched squeaky voice.."Hallo FrAnds".Hahahhahahahahha.
okay Amanat, your blog is not hidden or anything, some people do take a glance sometimes so you need to shut up. The whole 'Ramjas is a railway station' thing got pretty out of hand. :P

Well...basically I'm sitting here, updating you people about my recent past when my recent future is in deep shit. Need to work on the eco soc logo, finish two reports one each of english and endi soc and submit the abstract for Saesm very soon.Also, need to start tuition hunting and on a serious note, need to start studying. I get these horrified looks from middle aged aunties and uncles when they find out I've opted for (ahem ahem) (clears throat), B.A.(Hons) Economics and giving me this really concerned looks they tell me, "Beta. Ye to bada tough course le liya tumne.Achha hai,dil lagake padai karo" Yawn.

So basically in a very few days, I'll finally shed my 'Teenage' tag and enter into the 'Adult' world. Really looking forward to the life on the other side. But seriously, if you think i;m gonna "grow up" like magically in one day then just..dream on. Because I like being lame, I like being dumb and I'm NOT even a little bit embarrassed when me and nikita have an entire conversation on Zaya, Zzkriti, Neeraz and Pankaz. These are the simple pleasures of my life which I'm not ready to give up..just as yet!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I feel as if the dark and misty clouds have finally lifted and I can see clearly again. The blurred vision has come to focus and my unsettled life is back to rest.

First things first. Sincere apologies for my absence. Okay.. very long absence. Fine.Alright stop whining now, I apologized, didn't I? :P

So after the mournful whining over Ramjas, I've finally settled here. Made and amazing bunch of friends..and I'm at some level relieved that I don't have to transfer and start all over again.

So, I'm alive and well..I hope you're glad to hear that.. more to come very soon. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

That's not the way I want my story to end.

I have been silent about my whereabouts for quite some time now. And when people (read one person) started screaming at me to UPDATE my blog, I knew it was time to start writing (read whining).

So..last you heard from me was that my SET (symbiosis entrance test) score was pathetic and I had whined and complained and grumbled. So, bascially, a LOT has changed since then.

22nd May brought with it a new ray of hope..(AHEM).
Okay, 22nd may brought with it the CBSE 2009 Board Result.To cut a long story short my best of four subjects is 94% (cool hun..? read on..) and I stood third in school with a 93%.

*Waits for an applause*

*Still waiting*....

*sighs! And gives up*

And with my ego inflated I proudly walked the halls of SRCC where I was one of the 'people' who were illegible to get a form..and I smiled wide while others watched in envy. I was ..correction.. AM in love with the North campus. What is there not to love about it. You enter into it and the feeling of campus begins. The roads..the market..the banta outlets..the metro..the rickshaw walla... Aaah.. I could go on forever.
So this basically gives you an idea that I had a mental battle going on between Hansraj and LSR. (had given up hopes of SRCC and Stephens way back).

LSR meant..a half hour drive. Amazing campus. Cool cafe. Great crowd.
Hansraj meant.. North Campus! ;)

Tch tch tch.. but see..the problem with us foolish homo sapience is that we forget that this life is NOT a bed of roses.
But for me it was..until I discovered the underlying thorns.

So after a month of partying, and celebrations and more partying the cut offs came out.
And..don't have much to say about it because I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of the bloody madness that is going on.
LSR- 95.50
Hansraj- 95.25
Hindu- 94.47

So i whined and complained and whined and complained and whined some more.But there isn't much I could do about it.
Like ayush said.. " Are u sad that you got LESS or sad that others got MORE?". I can;t really argue with that. :(

*When it's good, then it's good, it's so good, 'till it goes bad
Till you're trying to find the you that you once had
I have heard myself cry
Never again
Broken down in agony
And just trying to find a friend*

So,this leaves me college less!
I have gotten through Ramjas which you might say is not a bad college.
Let me shatter your illusion.
It's not a bad college...because.. It's a freaking Railway Station!! With dusty halls and lousy canteen and LOUD announcements which blast your ear lobes. And guys who stare at you ALL the time.*EWWWW*

There is NO way in hell that I'm ever going to THAT place.
If worst comes to worst I'm gonna bunk 3 years straight.And follow Nikita's advice.."Chill ya. Come to NSIT...we'll have fun.. you can sit in the garden..under the shade" :P

Basically, I'm desperately waiting for the 2nd list which comes on the 30th of this month.

And oh oh oh...The friend from Kuwait is back.And not for just a couple of days, but for 2 whole months! That's reason enough to of NOW!
Lets just...hope for the best! :)

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. :(

Friday, June 19, 2009

Without Love..

P.S. Read it somewhere and really liked it.So, just wanted to share it with you guys. :)

Without love, the gentle rains of spring shall cease.
The supple roses of summer wither.
And the soft, crisp winds of fall disappear.
Without love,there lies nothing,
But the passionless dusk of winter.

J. Kruyffe.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Because, We are Oh-So-Vella.

It's often the case that you realize the importance of something when it is taken away from you.
When I was in kalkaji, I lived really close to my cousins hardly went over there. But now we all really wanted to meet up,and because all my tuition's,classes,entrances,exams etc. are over..we finally planned a sleepover. What was meant to be a short meeting resulted in my staying there for almost 4 days and we did the dumbest and the stupidest things ever. And obviously, had sooo much fun.And the amazing food was the cherry on the cake. What with the kadhai chicken and chocolate fantasy and the Lays and Kurukure at 3 in the morning.

Laughing non stop.
"Lets do something..something interesting..."
"Sorry ya..I'm straight"
"Your not straight..your curly!!"

"Have you ever been in an auto alone?"
"Ya ofcourse"
"Pgala.Auto walla nai hota kya?"

Bvnites v/s Amity and Airforce.
"Amity ki to cutting ho gayi..achhi wali!!"
"Yaar chup ho ro padegi"
"Why is it called golden jublee...50 years baad name decide kiya tha kya?"
"Bas! kar di na amity wali baat."

Stupid pranks.
"Hello..I want frandship with you...Sahiba this side. Remember me?"

"Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello.Mu mei le lo."

"Abey! Phone rakh...massi aa gayi!!"

The photographs..the fights..the sleep-less nights..the arguments..the dancing..the teasing..everything!

Thank god for sisters. XD

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Academy of Animation and Gaming.

P.S. This advertisement is solely on the request of my best friend.

About AAG.
AAG is among the first Animation Schools to offer high-end technical infrastructure in keeping with the demands of the industry,besides also being an authorized training center for auto desk.The Academy combines professional-quality graduation level foundation training in art in a nurturing creative environment,with hands-on-high-end software training.

Please click on the link below for further information and contact details.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday I found out that Paris Hilton is looking for her BFF (Best friend forever) through a reality TV show.Don't believe me? It's actually true.I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard..UNTIL..

I found out that THE Rakhi Sawant is looking for a prospective GROOM on a reality TV show.
I mean seriously? SERIOUSLY??!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

What do you believe in?

The moment I woke up this morning I knew its best to just stock up on chocolates and caffeine and stay under the covers all day long.
Such brooding because its one of those days when you know that every thing is going to go wrong.

But despite everything, I fought my instincts and tripped my way to the washroom. So what makes this day such a disaster? Well, nothing so complex. Just that I got my SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test) Score today. Got a 99/150 (you might think that its not that bad,but trust me,it is). The score on the whole does not trouble my much..what I'm freaking pissed off about is, my quant score. Its 22/40. Quant is a fancy name for maths..! I don't think I need to elaborate..because 22/40?? You have gotta be kidding me!

And then all the... "You don't even wanna go to Pune" stuff started. And someone goes God,and trust your destiny.
And though this may sound appalling,but do I really believe in God and destiny? I know you must have started judging me because I doubted the existence of God.No, don't get me wrong.. I'm not really questioning the existence of God or Almighty..i'm just questioning my belief in destiny...fate.

Elders always keep telling us to do our best and leave the rest.. That we'll end up where we are destined to..and that everything good or bad happens for the best.
Sometimes I think it's complete bull..
But today..I know. That if I don't believe in destiny,and fate..and God for that matter..then my believing anything else,doesn't really matter. Destiny, is all i have.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've been thinking..

..And mind you,this isn't something i do very often. But last night,while sitting on the beanbag, coffee mug in my hand, eyes on the mind started wandering.I don't know where this came from..but I started thinking of Life..and Death.And what I was wondering about was..Why do we fear Death so much?

This thought reminded me of Calpurnia's dream and Caesars words which were meant to be an explanation.

"It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death,a necessary end,
Will come when it will come."

There is so much truth in these words. In life, we always fear the uncertain..the future..of which we know nothing. And it is fear the unseen.Throughout our life,we do not know what will come next.

But the only thing that we are absolutely sure about is..Death.

"The one who is born..has to die someday."

The only certain and inevitable thing in our life is its end.Then,why do we fear something that is so certain?

Something to think about..Isn't it?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For once..

Let me be who I want to be,
and not what you want from me.

Let me say what I reckon should be said,
and don't seal my lips because you think its incorrect.

Let me think what I want to,
and don't restrict or control my mind.

Let me write what I think is right,
and not what is politically correct.

Let me walk as I want to,
and not how others want me to.

Let me believe what i want to,
and don't tell me that its wrong.

Let me feel,hope and desire,
and don't force your feelings on me.

Let me fall and rise on my own,
and trust me to learn from the bruises.

Let me enjoy how I want to,
and don't mock me because its different.

Let me dream and wonder,
and don't wake me up even if its unreal.

Let me learn and explore,
and don't teach me what others 'think' should be taught.

Let me jump..and scream and shout,
and don't hold me back.

Let me live how I wish to live,
and don't judge me if its unlike the rest of our kind.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The One That Has No Title

I'm broke but I'm happy
I'm poor but I'm kind
I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah
I'm high but I'm grounded
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby
What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine
'cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five ..

Somehow, really like this song. Because no matter what shit i get into i just know i'm gonna be quite allright and thats because of all the losers I know since the 8th grade..( a few of them,came a lil later).

Long time back Abhi had asked me to write about my friends,and though thats my favorite topic to blabber about,i was at a loss of words..and hence he had to do the needful (refer FB) and everyone saw how amazing it turned out. And again I'm not here to write about my friends..well i am but not really to describe them or how much i love them..actually i don't really know why I'm here.

Warning:Just another meaningless random post.

As i sit here, typing out my thoughts..i gaze at the most amazing Valentines gife I've ever received. Yes,the oh-so-awesome Dostana collage Naman gifted me. A picture really does have the ability to speak a thousand words..because every picture has a thousand memories with it which come alive instantly. Though we wern't the best of friends initially..but those silly senti messages did mean a lot..and dumbo you know that very well.

Every time i start my laptop..the wallpaper comes into view..PVR saket..24th March.. My sweetheart's 18th birthday.
All the lovers talks with Pepsi ..our farewell dance,11th and 12th and every little thing just tells me that this is gonna last forever.Remember those confession messages we had one night?Hehe..babe you will always remain my first love.

My phone buzzes and here's another message from Ayush..'Abe aa abhi!!'.. well..I don't know why but i think we argue more than we talk and I love that part of our friendship.Everytime the subject of slamsheets would come up..very casually he would say..'Yaar, we are gonna remain friends hamesha..what is the use of a slamsheet then'. It used to irritate me like hell..but i know thats true..
The innumerable times I've said..i don't wanna talk..mood off hai.. he always comes up with something silly to make me laugh.
p.s. He's actually a girl :P

Another picture on my table is that of Me and Aarohan.. my birthday present.. :)..and along the picture the words read Best friends...Amu and Abhi. Everytime i have the teeny meeniest of trouble..i know who to call..and there he is saying stuff like..'tu pagal hai..tension mat le..mai hoon na..' and i know...tu hai..that you are always there and you'll always be..and this feeling makes me so much stronger.
But sahi bol raha hai...apni kismat mei milna nahi likha..! :P..I love you..and you know that!

I switch on facebook and some comment by Shivam comes into view. Yeah,the same guy who made me run the 1500 m race..and there is no one in this world who could have done that.He came really late into my circle of friends..and is gonna be here forever.By the way,this post is for you! :)
His silly shayari..and long messages..and everytime he says..'bas tu mujhe chor de sab' just tells me that this guy is gonna be there..with me..through all the troubles of my complicated life.
You mean..a lot!!
And our icecream is due..! :)

"I dont know how to say it..but i love you..okay?"
Trust Nikita to say the sweetest of things in the simplest of ways...yaar you know me even better than i know myself..and writing here is kindof just a formality..
Seems your the only one who knows...what its like to be me..someone to face the day with..make it through all the rest with....
Hum aapse pyaar karte hain...ekdum sachha pyaar! Haha!
The walks..back from the school..the ice cream..the teasing..the late night msgs..the oh-so-dumb fights..
Your my friend are gonna have to deal with me,good luck with that!

You..can read my mind..most of the time. You finish my take my case more than anyone I know.. but still..because of some insane reason..I love you..
My another BFF..Pragya the second formality..hehe...
Dunno how many times she's made to stop crying or fed sense into my head..or has saved me from 'ulte per' hehe..I so wish i could just go back to school again cause life will never ever be the same..wishout you..sitting beside me in the class..and making fun of me!:)

Well well..When I think of a dance partner..i think of you.When I think of a picture partner,i think of you.When I want someone to remind something to me...err..i NEVER think of you..Cause.. you are the world's greatest bhopu..well the last and final formality..Drishti.
Cant remember the last time we were together..and we werent laughing.We are the masters of dumbness.
You my BFF will also have to deal with me for a really really really long time..
I love you so and i want you to know that i'll always be right here.......

"Well,naman was asking me about you,so i just told him ki hum dono carbon copies hain" ..Thus said Shimanti to me once..and undoubtedly,shes absolutely correct. So when i'm somewhere..brroding about something,this Bengauli babe comes to my rescue. We may go days without talking or updating each other..but every time my heart aches..she's always been there to ease the pain.
I miss much.
P.s. Remember the 'song' conversation we had once? Still makes me laugh when i think bout it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If i wanted your opinion,i would just ask.

It was a fairly normal day. Slept late,hence got up late and hence got late for class (mind you, this IS normal for me).

Skipped time, Skipped lunch.. didn't like it, nibbled on tit bits, dozed off for a while and was just lazing around until someone turned up at my place and ruined my nearly perfect bored and lazy mood.

The person in question over here is one of mom's friends. And after the usual formalities of Hi ,Hello, the inevitable question of "What are you doing aaj kal beta?" followed.

Me: Aunty, I've joined couching for BBA entrance, it's just a back up thing though.

Aunty JI (courtesy never killed anybody): Hmmmm... achha..kahan se??

Me: I've joined IMS ..aunty, Sector 2.

Aunty JI: Okay, So what are you actually planning then?

Me: I'm planning ECO (hns.) from a good college in DU, if my percentage allows that to happen. Otherwise, i'm gonna give the entrance for Symbi and CBS.

Aunty JI (now addressing my mom) : You know, my daughter had also planned that..the usual SRCC se ECO aur phir MBA, but after her result she's now doing a BA programme from LSR and she's very happy. Your daughter will waste her 3 years slogging and slogging doing ECO and ultimately she will enter finance..and my daughter doing the same bada easily.

Aunty JI smugs and Amanat leaves!

I'm just gonna say.. Opinions are like assholes,every body has one!

Friday, April 3, 2009

That Thing You Do!

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

: Well,there are about 9 songs in my playlist,so i'll just switch over to my iPod.

Accidentally in love (??) [Counting crows]

Hot 'n' cold [Katy Perry]

Know nothing [A lot like love]

You're Beautiful [James Blunt]

Pop! Goes my heart [Music and Lyrics]

This is how you remind me (!!) [Nickelback]

So Sick [Ne-Yo]

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Skater Boy [Avril Lavigne]

I don't wanna miss a thing [Aerosmith] (... :D )

Just a ride [Jem]

The Reason [Hoobastank]

Numb [Linkin Park]

When you say nothing at all [Ronan Keating]

Girlfriend [Avril Lavigne] (Haha! Only if i were alive! :P )

Ocean size love [ :) ] [Leigh Nash]

She Will Be Loved [Maroon 5]

Follow Me [Uncle Kracker]

Crash and Burn [Savage Garden]

That Thing You Do [Wonders]

Oh my god, some of that stuff was so accurate,it freaked me out!

Count down.

No real reason behind this post. I'm just bored of facebook games.

1- Is the number of pictures I've edited using photoshop. [Hey! Don't judge me,I'm new to this]

2- Is the number of siblings that i have.

3- Is the number of movies that I've seen since 10 a.m. [I didn't have a class today,theres not much to do at home. *sighs* ]

4- Is the number of books that I've read in the past week. *Pats back*

5- Is the number of pets i want. [Dogs actually.. woof woof!]

6- Is the number of times that my mom has shouted at me since morning, asking me to study. [Haha, I'm stubborn]

7- Is the grade i miss the most. *Sighs again*

8- Is the number of countries i wish to visit before I'm 25.

9- Is the number of songs in my current play list.. :)

10- Is the number of days,after which I'm meeting my best friends.

Phew! This is NOT as easy at it looks.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

How little it takes...

A mug of hot coffee..
Good news from a far off friend..
'Time of your life': on repeat. :)
A long conversation with Siamese..
And a message from you..

That's all it takes to put me in the right mood..! :D

"It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few special bonds..don't need time.

I've always been fond of pets,dogs in particular and little teeny-tiny puppies to be very specific.So needless to say,when a street dog in our locality gave birth to half a dozen puppies, i was all over them.I mean seriously,i would pet them for hours..feed slowly so that they would catch up (this is when they were almost a month old and hence the running).

But yesterday,one of them..which was my lil sister's favorite one,passed away.His death is still a mystery.He wasn't weak at all,and he had been fine just a couple of hours ago.But the bottom line is that he is not here anymore.My sister had even named him and though she was heart ached.

It wasnt our pet,and i had personally known it for just 3 days but something inside me ached a lot.I fear losing people/things a lot.It's something i can't even talk about.So what i'm trying to say it..that you dont need time to bond with a living thing..some things or people ...simply touch your heart.

R.I.P. Daniel.
We miss you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miss Independent

Yes, You guessed it right.

The BORE-DS (puns intended) are over.And i prefer not to talk about all. I feel un-caged,as if i can breathe again. I know this sounds pretty far fetched but there are thousands of teen's who know exactly what i'm talking about. So besides updating my blog,i do have a couple other things to catch up on. goes my TO-DO list.Not in any specific order of priority.Enjoy! :P

1.Watch every movie i can get my hands on.I dont care if its as corny as CC2C or as boring as Billu,i just need to catch up on everything.

2.Read. Finally,i can do unlimited of one thing that i love (besides writing ofcourse). I'll need Siamese help on this one.And if any one of you have any good suggestions regarding books (fiction/non-fiction/non-boring/non-Shakespeare),please leave it as a comment,i would really appreciate that.

3.Learn to drive.Considering i abandoned my scooty after two weeks,this is goona be tough.Good luck dad.

4.Clear up the clutter.This is number one on my mom's list.My room is FULL of junk.Old newspapers,books,wrappers,pizza boxes,pamphlets,candy's,chocolates,chips packets hidden here and there.Its a complete mess.And don't even get me started on my jammed cupboards.

5.Fill up slam sheets.Well,i have been avoiding it partly because i didn't have that much time and party because when i give away the slam sheets,i'll kinda have to deal with the fact that we all are parting.

6.Learn to play the guitar.You must be thinking ,hey whats new about that?Everyone plays a guitar.But this is something i really wanna do.And yeah, i wanna learn salsa or jazz.

7.Sleep. A routine of 4-5 hours of sleep has messed me up.I slept at 3lastnight after watching a movie and got up around 9,when i didn't even have any studying to do.I have gotta start becoming lazy!!

8.READ the newspaper.And this does not include The Delhi Times and What's Hot.Well this is party because mom has been bugging me to start reading economic times (because i have commerce subjects) and partly because i really really need to get myself updated on what is happening in this world.

9.Update the blog at least once a week.My blog is over an year old and the poor thing just has 40 posts.This just makes me sad.I need to start posting total bull-shit more often.;)

10.Make sleepover plans with siamese.Yay! I'm really excited about the bitcha-ing sessions.

11.Make birthday presents.Well..Bengauli's present is due..and Abhi's birthday is coming up..and day after is Pepsi's birthday.Phew!I really need to get a start on this one.And if anyone has any ideas about somthing i can make and something that isn't explosive or anything like that,please lemme know.

12.Watch the entire grey's anatomy and friends series.

13.Visit my grandparents..cousins..aunts and uncles!! Miss em..! :(

14.Select the pictures to be printed and start working on the picture album.

15.Renew the play list.For god's sake I'm sick of these songs,i need a change.

16.Shop! shop! and Shop! Well..I'm a girl,what else do you expect from me?

Well,i guess i'm pretty much set for a couple of weeks.I'll keep adding as and when something new comes up.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I don't remember..

The last time i danced in the rain...

The last time i sat in the balcony..and sipped hot coffee..

The last time i slept in my grandma's lap..

The last time i became a kid..with a kid..

The last time i hugged someone..and cried..

The last time i told someone i really cared bout,that i loved them..

The last time i really believed in something..

The last time i read a random book and was inspired by it..

The last time a saw a movie..that touched me..

The last time i barged into a friends house,just cause i was lonely..

The last time i was silent but i still got all my answers..

The last time i wrote a letter to my pen pal..

And..the last time..i left alive.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

*This cannot be the end..but come,it is!*.

1.Surprise 13th birthday party.
2.Rolling on the floor laughing (literally) and aakriti sitting in the middle-completely dazed.
3.The chips-and-dips tale of spooky stories,smilies,and lot of chips.
4.The first sleepover.blah blah blah blah.zzzzzzz...blah blah. "Get up pragya!" "Shut up Amanat".
5.The mood ring ..<3 and the choti pichkari. The dorky proposal and the pillow fight.
6.Chocolate ice cream at 3 am.
7.The online pranks and the masters of disguise.The rani of jhansi and several giggles.
8."Shut the computer,you can check the stupid mail later!!"
9.The strange rooftop holi party which ended up not bing strange at all. Some more giggles.
10."Lets all come online at 8. ok?"
11.The mangal pandey editing and our poor innocent prey's.*evil laughter*
12."Amanat? Stop talking.." "Amu...kuch bol na??"
13."I'm not pressurising you..but GET THE copy on thursay or your dead! Get it?"
14."Ye don bosco don bosco wala don bosco hai?"
15.The cool sea breeze and the yellow and pink creature in the water.
16.The blind churches.
17.The whispers and secret talks.
18.The ball dance in the middle of a movving train.
19."One two three...VIPPEY.." "Ooooo....girri girri girri."
20.The non stop laughter.
21.Mcdonalds get togethers.
22.Rustam Bruzo and Sultan.
23.Veggies,Coke,Smilies and 4 friends.
24.The slap in the middle of the maths class.*Shock*
25.The hidden bottles and the zillion non-working pens.
26.The torn notebooks and broken specs.
27.The 9feet talls dazed humans.
28.The 3 hour avte classes, the unbearable pj;s and the orange shirt.
29."Upar se vo saala...charsi bhi hai"
30."I'll kill you if you call me saint one more time.."
31.The name tales of diwan,bhandar and zamanat.
32."Vo to prateek bhaiya ke saath hogi..."
33."Out out out out out...." "Oddd...eve...1 2 3...odd eve"
34."New principal? Again??"
35.The favourite places and the invisible loo.
36.The pull-up-your-socks.The english illertrates and giddy-garden-goats.
37.The 3 clap versions and the constant crying.
38.The muttu swami.:P
39.The lost bags and bottles.
40.And ofcourse...the lost physics papers.
41.The class unity and the broken black boards.
42.The sealing and the empty class rooms.
43.The dumb physics teachers and the debate on sAnta and saaanta and the pronunciation of tangent.
44.The inseprable girls.
45.Choti si mannat and the shifting of rooms.
46.The fights for the back seats and the carefree songs.
47.First foes then friends.
48."I cant even remember when we became freinds..."
49."Dhoom macahale dhoom macahle dhoom." "Ye didi doordarshan mei bhaagti hai na?"
50.Whats his name? Ghudsavaar??
51.The long lost friends,the miser shopkeeper and the invisible kitchen.
52.The spirit calling,life in a metro and the broken heels.
53."Ok,lets start from her shoes......"
54."Amanat,do you think your hands can hold the handles?" "Happy hands" "Baby finger"
55."So..i call you sugar,and you call me calvin:=]"
56.The i-sketch games.
57.The long hours on net.
58."OK!We can easily reach her place..." " gk1 or 2?"
59."O billo rani kahon to abhi jaan de doon.."
60.The complate utilisation of resorces.LOL.
61.Of the new haircuts,the lenses and the stuff.
62."The sunshines and the hawt john"
63.The permission problems.
64."Dil mei mere hai darde disco.Darde disco darde disco."
65.Football,cricket,Foosball,CS,Badmintton and darkroom.
66.The daily icecreams.
67.The science/commerce debate.
68.The useless council.
69.The bengauli classmates.
70.Khali in disgusise.
71."Uhh god...these people are so disgusting.."
72.The shifting of home and making of new friends.
73."And in the middle of the bus she started dancing on deedar de.It was hi-larious."
74.The harry potter discussions.And the silent tears on dumbledores death.
75."I'll be there for you...when the rain starts to pour"
76.Ponta jokes.Even better,Diwan jokes.
77.The successful reording!
78.The farewell..<3
79.The batch party,conti,and teachers day! <3 <3
80.The really really late night conversations.
81.Some more silent tears.
82."I'll miss you..." "Don't say that yaar..."
83.The surprises in sports day.
84."Ali to mere bhai ke dog ka naam hai"
85.The drunk devdas.
86.The the class itself.
87."Do we belong to this class..?"
88.The picnics.
89.The inumerable pictures.
90."Ok class...start writing.." "Maam wait..!!!"
91."You crazy girls...i thought you were all angels"
92.The broken tooth and the jaat boy.
93."Agar mai farewell tak patli ho gayi mai net wali saari pehen ke aaongi"
94.The fRandships.
95.Our dostana.
96.The awesome foresome of XII E!
97."Dekha jo tujhe yaar dil mei baji guitar"
98.The chora!
99.The birthday poem..and the teddy bear (enormous).
100.The emotional gifts.
101.The pengunie.
102.Prngune number 2.
103.Seeti 1 and seeti 2.
104.The aalo ki sabzi,cholle bhauture,lemonade,the insane canteen prizes,the empy pockets,shahi paneer,chatni and namak mirch ka parantha.
105.Ye to style hai apna.
106.The Bomb-ardments.
107.The spit-incident and the racoon clip.
108.The flirty classmate.
109."No! they are not going around!"
110."DJ!...oye hoye...DJ!!"
111.The loverzzz point in goa.
112.Chcolate truffle.
113.The summer of '08.
114.City walk.
115.Ndtv discussions.
116."WE can never get a decent picture together?Can we?"
117.The pictures in the loo.
118.The scribbling on hands.And on the shirts ofcourse.
119.Some more pictures.
120.The last...everything!
122.Slam sheets.
123.Some more tears..
125.Best friends.
126.Some new friends..which will now remain for life.
127.The auto-dates.
128.The slumdog day.
130.The chora and chori.
131.Annual function and the so called jazz dance.
132.The dance moves and the junk jwellery.
133.Saare discussions.
134.The pathetic dj!
135."Eye...saala...abhi abhi..hua yakeeeen"
136."Chor do aanchal..zamana kya kahega..."
137.The goodbyes.
138.The long walks towards the bus.
139.The borken promises.
140.The kept promises.
141.And some more...silent tears.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And if you were a kiss, I know I'd be a hug ..

Too much Juno happening hun?

Has it ever happened with you,for instance you have really wanted something to happen,for think about that one thing all the time.And after a long long time,when you feel that you may finally have it realise that you never really wanted it all along.Like,it wasn't meant to be,and you are somehow glad with the situation.

Maybe its lack of caffeine or maybe its just 9 in the morning so i'm sounding really absurd.

I know i said that this little baby would be updated only after the mind numbing,soul sucking bore-ds,but i don't have anything better to do on this sunday morning,and hence the update.

So,the date sheet came out and it wasn't exactly inspiring.It actually led me into a state of mental trauma when i realised that i had some odd 3 days off for each of economics, accountancy and mathematics.Sigh.But like Emily told Andy in that flick..wtwazziit...Devil wears prada..yeah,..i'll just have to deal with it.Period.

After the pre's got over 2 of my bff's had some prior engaements which were unavoiadle(sheesh.what the hell is wrong with me?).So me and kinni ended up having a lunch with the guys and then i updated her about my so-called-catastrophic-life.And one thing led to another..

K-So,you mean you are actually gonna give up journo?
A-Yeah..i mean its not like i have a gift or something like that shit.So just a degree and an mba whold be A-class for moi.

I feel like...kinda the person who gives up on something pretty easily..something i've been holding on to for suchha long time.But as juno said ..I really don't know what kinda girl i am.

*And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding*

Well,anyway the pre's are history but i've got this practical shit lined up for tomorrow and then there is the freaking result to dread.But the only hope of light is the continuation paltie on the 21st and i got my hands on this totally gorgeous piece from some store in GK.Another event 'round the corner is the farewell,but we'll leave that part out right now..some gazzillion memories will start haunting me otherwise.

*Haule se Gudgudata
Dil mein hulchul machata
Mein sharm se thi pani pani*

NO! I'm not mentally retarted,maybe i am..i doubt this sometimes.Anyway this is a piece from a song of the much-talked-about Slumdog.. Yeah,saw it heck of a flick,and that guy isnt half as bad..he's passabley cute actually..particularly in that one song..

Another thing,my cell phone has gone brain dead,i think siamese particularly will be glad to know this.*winks*

Nothing much has happened over the past few months actually so whenever i get some badly needed inspiration from somewhere i'll be right at it.

*There are many things that I would
Like to say to you
But I don't know how *