Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The One That Has No Title

I'm broke but I'm happy
I'm poor but I'm kind
I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah
I'm high but I'm grounded
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby
What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine
'cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five ..

Somehow, really like this song. Because no matter what shit i get into i just know i'm gonna be quite allright and thats because of all the losers I know since the 8th grade..( a few of them,came a lil later).

Long time back Abhi had asked me to write about my friends,and though thats my favorite topic to blabber about,i was at a loss of words..and hence he had to do the needful (refer FB) and everyone saw how amazing it turned out. And again I'm not here to write about my friends..well i am but not really to describe them or how much i love them..actually i don't really know why I'm here.

Warning:Just another meaningless random post.

As i sit here, typing out my thoughts..i gaze at the most amazing Valentines gife I've ever received. Yes,the oh-so-awesome Dostana collage Naman gifted me. A picture really does have the ability to speak a thousand words..because every picture has a thousand memories with it which come alive instantly. Though we wern't the best of friends initially..but those silly senti messages did mean a lot..and dumbo you know that very well.

Every time i start my laptop..the wallpaper comes into view..PVR saket..24th March.. My sweetheart's 18th birthday.
All the lovers talks with Pepsi ..our farewell dance,11th and 12th and every little thing just tells me that this is gonna last forever.Remember those confession messages we had one night?Hehe..babe you will always remain my first love.

My phone buzzes and here's another message from Ayush..'Abe oye..online aa abhi!!'.. well..I don't know why but i think we argue more than we talk and I love that part of our friendship.Everytime the subject of slamsheets would come up..very casually he would say..'Yaar, we are gonna remain friends hamesha..what is the use of a slamsheet then'. It used to irritate me like hell..but i know thats true..
The innumerable times I've said..i don't wanna talk..mood off hai.. he always comes up with something silly to make me laugh.
p.s. He's actually a girl :P

Another picture on my table is that of Me and Aarohan.. my birthday present.. :)..and along the picture the words read Best friends...Amu and Abhi. Everytime i have the teeny meeniest of trouble..i know who to call..and there he is saying stuff like..'tu pagal hai..tension mat le..mai hoon na..' and i know...tu hai..that you are always there and you'll always be..and this feeling makes me so much stronger.
But sahi bol raha hai...apni kismat mei milna nahi likha..! :P..I love you..and you know that!

I switch on facebook and some comment by Shivam comes into view. Yeah,the same guy who made me run the 1500 m race..and there is no one in this world who could have done that.He came really late into my circle of friends..and is gonna be here forever.By the way,this post is for you! :)
His silly shayari..and long messages..and everytime he says..'bas tu mujhe chor de sab' just tells me that this guy is gonna be there..with me..through all the troubles of my complicated life.
You mean..a lot!!
And our icecream is due..! :)

"I dont know how to say it..but i love you..okay?"
Trust Nikita to say the sweetest of things in the simplest of ways...yaar you know me even better than i know myself..and writing here is kindof just a formality..
Seems your the only one who knows...what its like to be me..someone to face the day with..make it through all the rest with....
Hum aapse pyaar karte hain...ekdum sachha pyaar! Haha!
The walks..back from the school..the ice cream..the teasing..the late night msgs..the oh-so-dumb fights..
Your my BFF..best friend forever..you are gonna have to deal with me,good luck with that!

You..can read my mind..most of the time. You finish my sentences..you take my case more than anyone I know.. but still..because of some insane reason..I love you..
My another BFF..Pragya the second formality..hehe...
Dunno how many times she's made to stop crying or fed sense into my head..or has saved me from 'ulte per' hehe..I so wish i could just go back to school again cause life will never ever be the same..wishout you..sitting beside me in the class..and making fun of me!:)

Well well..When I think of a dance partner..i think of you.When I think of a picture partner,i think of you.When I want someone to remind something to me...err..i NEVER think of you..Cause.. you are the world's greatest bhopu..well the last and final formality..Drishti.
Cant remember the last time we were together..and we werent laughing.We are the masters of dumbness.
You my BFF will also have to deal with me for a really really really long time..
I love you so and i want you to know that i'll always be right here.......

"Well,naman was asking me about you,so i just told him ki hum dono carbon copies hain" ..Thus said Shimanti to me once..and undoubtedly,shes absolutely correct. So when i'm somewhere..brroding about something,this Bengauli babe comes to my rescue. We may go days without talking or updating each other..but every time my heart aches..she's always been there to ease the pain.
I miss you..so much.
P.s. Remember the 'song' conversation we had once? Still makes me laugh when i think bout it.


Aarohan said...

hey amu!!....
really gr8 words!!!......
tu itti zyada pyari aur cute kaise hain?...
love ya loads!!..

Amanat.. said...

Thanks Abhi..
Love ya too! :)

pragya..!!(BFF) said...

LOVE u...so so much yaar...
i hope i cn exprss ma feelin lyk u...
sachchi u awesumm..yaar

pragya..!!(BFF) said...

LOVE u...so so much yaar...
i hope i cn exprss ma feelin lyk u...
sachchi u awesumm..yaar

Amanat.. said...

I love you more..!!

shimanti said...

hhiiiii....main tujhe lastmein yaad aayi gandi bacchi????:-(((((
buh never mind am aint going all insane abt amu how cud u do this to me types!!!!hehehhe..i mean ovsly!
welll thot ki ill wite a big thing for u hre....nah but bahi feel ni aa rahi...aaj hi toh mile the yaar..thnkooooo so much u and drish!!!!!i was feeling so low for not being able to be with u guys thre....but u two relli made my day!!!!
P.s...my room was in a mess coz i v nt been in there for more than a month...so hope u undertsand!!
lovvvvvveeeeeeeee u agn!!a lot!!
kp checking ur fb profile frm timeto time...it l soon hav an entry!!

Grand Child said...

Though no point interfering your loved ones.. But I couldn't stop myself from pointing this that you wrote abt a frnd: "p.s. He's actually a girl :P" ... It made me laugh out of my senses...

Amanat.. said...

There is a really long story behind it.
Actually,you'll get to know that i'm right as soon as you meet him.LOL.:P