Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For once..

Let me be who I want to be,
and not what you want from me.

Let me say what I reckon should be said,
and don't seal my lips because you think its incorrect.

Let me think what I want to,
and don't restrict or control my mind.

Let me write what I think is right,
and not what is politically correct.

Let me walk as I want to,
and not how others want me to.

Let me believe what i want to,
and don't tell me that its wrong.

Let me feel,hope and desire,
and don't force your feelings on me.

Let me fall and rise on my own,
and trust me to learn from the bruises.

Let me enjoy how I want to,
and don't mock me because its different.

Let me dream and wonder,
and don't wake me up even if its unreal.

Let me learn and explore,
and don't teach me what others 'think' should be taught.

Let me jump..and scream and shout,
and don't hold me back.

Let me live how I wish to live,
and don't judge me if its unlike the rest of our kind.


Devil's Advocate said...

You better copyright this before i steal it ;) always...

Amanat.. said...

Thank you..! :)

pragya...!! said...

nyc amu..
keep it up...
n ek do mujhe bhi dedicate karde..!!:-p

Amanat.. said... one will be for you!

may mist said...

one thing that I can tell you is you'l be damn f***ing rich some day...hope you invite me to your book launch