Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If i wanted your opinion,i would just ask.

It was a fairly normal day. Slept late,hence got up late and hence got late for class (mind you, this IS normal for me).

Skipped breakfast..no time, Skipped lunch.. didn't like it, nibbled on tit bits, dozed off for a while and was just lazing around until someone turned up at my place and ruined my nearly perfect bored and lazy mood.

The person in question over here is one of mom's friends. And after the usual formalities of Hi ,Hello, the inevitable question of "What are you doing aaj kal beta?" followed.

Me: Aunty, I've joined couching for BBA entrance, it's just a back up thing though.

Aunty JI (courtesy never killed anybody): Hmmmm... achha..kahan se??

Me: I've joined IMS ..aunty, Sector 2.

Aunty JI: Okay, So what are you actually planning then?

Me: I'm planning ECO (hns.) from a good college in DU, if my percentage allows that to happen. Otherwise, i'm gonna give the entrance for Symbi and CBS.

Aunty JI (now addressing my mom) : You know, my daughter had also planned that..the usual SRCC se ECO aur phir MBA, but after her result she's now doing a BA programme from LSR and she's very happy. Your daughter will waste her 3 years slogging and slogging doing ECO and ultimately she will enter finance..and my daughter doing the same thing..finance..par bada easily.

Aunty JI smugs and Amanat leaves!

I'm just gonna say.. Opinions are like assholes,every body has one!


Saksham Agarwal said...

Haha! Pretty usual, all this.
A word of advice from the old man: There are times when you need BOTH your ears to work. Enter and delete. Works well, I say.
Good luck! :)

Amanat.. said...

You know, the entry and exit of the words i don't mind.It is the time when they pass through my brain that creates the main problem! I just don't get it...why do grown up's have to interfere so much!!

Snobster said...

Apparently the last line is called ,"Plagiarism".
You have to give me credit dude.

oh! and btw that aunty was flaunting the fact that her daughter(diddly muffin) was/is and Elsa :D

rahul said...

lolz..nice converstion!!
Auntiji, will always favour the girl in home(her daughter) then the girl in neighbourhood(i.e. you).

nice blog!!

Amanat.. said...

Aunty Ji will just have to deal with the fact that some people are ready to slog their ass off for what they really want.

and thank you..! :)

Grand Child said...

Dudess go rough it out... The world is out there to be conquered ... ;-)