Saturday, October 6, 2012

The days are long, but the years are short.

The title is taken from a book I'm currently reading, titled 'The Happiness Project'. Normally I don't like reading such books, in which the author sort of preaches and I feel that they are trying to force their opinion on me, their opinion about life and values. So I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up this book and just couldn't keep it down. It talks about how one day the author has an epiphany that she doesn't have enough happiness in her life. I've never though of happiness as something that you consciously inculcate in your life, but this book changed my thinking. 

The days are long, but the years are short. Such a simple thought, yet so very profound. Its been a really long time since I've sat down and actually written and I hadn't realized until recently how much I missed it. Each day of each year seems so long, we move on, we change, thinking every moment that everything is the same and then looking back each year and realizing that in fact nothing is the same.  I'm a graduate and have been working for about 3 months now; I live away from home, well mostly and about a dozen people have told me lately that I've become a lot mature. (Ugh! How much I hate that)  When exactly did this happen? When did we become office going, hard working, earning ADULTS!?  It's not all bad actually, I'm really enjoying this phase! :)

Okay, so coming back to the title. This book talks about how the author makes a resolution for every month of a year to consciously make herself happy. I think I really need to try something like that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy or lonely or any sort of emo crap, but I feel that there are few things in my life which I need to change. I've gotten back to my reading, to exercising and I make it a point to spend some time alone everyday. I hadn't realized that between working, and living away from home, and meeting new and interesting people everyday, I hadn't had a moment of peace in months. So now I sit back each day and read and give some time to myself, it has made me so much more calmer. 
The book also talks about the little lessons that experience has taught the author, called 'Secrets of Adulthood'. I've been an adult for a mere 3 years so I guess all I can talk about is my ' Secrets of Teenage'- doesn't sound so profound with the word 'teenage', though. :p 
I think I'm still young to talk about 'life changing lessons', I'm still discovering myself, trying to figure if what I'm doing is something I really wanna do or not, and figuring out my next step. Guess I've a long way to go, I'd still give this some thought. I've picked up a few from the book itself, can relate so well to them. 

• Love more  
• EAT more :D 
• Say a lot of shit 
• DO a lot of shit, don't think too much 
• Try not to have any regrets 
• There is nothing more important than family 
• But, some friends become family 
• Sing in the shower, it does improve your mornings 
• Try not to judge people when you first meet them 
• Be stupid 
• Work for a cause you believe in 
• Dance randomly 
• Blaming doesn't work, own up 
• Have faith (not necessarily in God only). It keeps you sane 
• There is a whole lot of bullshit in the world, deal with it 
• Laugh more 
• Read more and as often as you can 
• Traveling is of the most essential things in life 
• Meet new people  
• Make mistakes 
• Remember, this too shall pass 
• Keep it simple 
• Let it go 
• You don't have to be good at everything 
• Break some rules, you'll remember the things you weren't supposed to do, but did them anyway. 

Wow. That's a long list. :p 

This reminds me, I've to start planning a vacation, too much of routine gets to me. I need to visit new places and meet new people. It helps keep me sane. :)