Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simple pleasures of a complicated Life.

We are back people. And I truly apologize to the two and half people who follow my blog and might have noticed my absence. It gives me great pleasure to announce that my blog has turned 2. :)[And it hurts me, physically HURTS me that I forgot and am a month late to wish the poor little thing].

My blog isn't the only one whose growing up by the way. Ahem ahem. I've been told that being subtle works wonders. So all I'm going to say is. All kinds of gifts welcomed, make this wonderful day special for me (okay. I'm completely overboard).

So yea, I'm going to be an "Adult" in less than 3 days. Which should make me what.. Super excited? All enthu? Riding on cloud nine? But no. I don't feel anything. I'm numb. Comfortably Numb.No, I'm not cribbing or complaining and It's not like I don;t have any plans.. but I guess being an adult is completely over rated. There isn;t a lot you can do which you weren't already doing anyway. I mean yea, I can drive..and Vote (okay..whatever makes you happy. *rolls eyes*), And smoke (Umm..?) And yea as Nikita suggested, we both can run away from home now. LOL. Think big I say. :)

I don't really have any excuse for my absence, and no reasons also. Just that, was too caught up with all the changes that I just couldn't bring myself to pen it all down. You basically know the 'changes' i'm referring to,don't you? I mean the same stuff. School ko tata bye-bye and college ko hello. how are you.

Now, not only have we accepted that we are Ramus (so much for a low self esteem). Ahem. Ramjas-ites. (whatever). We have actually become a part of it. I mean,the cheesy hindi songs,the afternoon's on staircases, the subah subah ka naashta in the corridor and the table banging and cheering during elections. Man. I miss the elections. The way those 'Studs' entered the class with marigold garlands around their neck, in white shirts, well tucked in and folded hands full toosh neta ishtyle and say in a very high pitched squeaky voice.."Hallo FrAnds".Hahahhahahahahha.
okay Amanat, your blog is not hidden or anything, some people do take a glance sometimes so you need to shut up. The whole 'Ramjas is a railway station' thing got pretty out of hand. :P

Well...basically I'm sitting here, updating you people about my recent past when my recent future is in deep shit. Need to work on the eco soc logo, finish two reports one each of english and endi soc and submit the abstract for Saesm very soon.Also, need to start tuition hunting and on a serious note, need to start studying. I get these horrified looks from middle aged aunties and uncles when they find out I've opted for (ahem ahem) (clears throat), B.A.(Hons) Economics and giving me this really concerned looks they tell me, "Beta. Ye to bada tough course le liya tumne.Achha hai,dil lagake padai karo" Yawn.

So basically in a very few days, I'll finally shed my 'Teenage' tag and enter into the 'Adult' world. Really looking forward to the life on the other side. But seriously, if you think i;m gonna "grow up" like magically in one day then just..dream on. Because I like being lame, I like being dumb and I'm NOT even a little bit embarrassed when me and nikita have an entire conversation on Zaya, Zzkriti, Neeraz and Pankaz. These are the simple pleasures of my life which I'm not ready to give up..just as yet!