Sunday, March 15, 2009

I don't remember..

The last time i danced in the rain...

The last time i sat in the balcony..and sipped hot coffee..

The last time i slept in my grandma's lap..

The last time i became a kid..with a kid..

The last time i hugged someone..and cried..

The last time i told someone i really cared bout,that i loved them..

The last time i really believed in something..

The last time i read a random book and was inspired by it..

The last time a saw a movie..that touched me..

The last time i barged into a friends house,just cause i was lonely..

The last time i was silent but i still got all my answers..

The last time i wrote a letter to my pen pal..

And..the last time..i left alive.


Mukul said...

Well written.

I dont remember:

the last time we talked to each other

sorry,might seem silly but then i was inspired by your poetry.

Amanat.. said...

Thank you..
Actually, even i don't remember the last time we talked..! :P

Gautam said...

I don't remember: The last time I read something cute like this :) ... Good one there ..

Amanat.. said...

Thank you so much..
And i love your photography,especially the holi pictures..really nice.

Devil's Advocate said...

If your memory is that bad, then you need proffesional help lol :p

Beautiful as always Amanat...Its a lovely poem...

Amanat.. said...

Well well, someone is fluent in sarcasm!:P

Thank you by the way..!:)