Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few special bonds..don't need time.

I've always been fond of pets,dogs in particular and little teeny-tiny puppies to be very specific.So needless to say,when a street dog in our locality gave birth to half a dozen puppies, i was all over them.I mean seriously,i would pet them for hours..feed them..run slowly so that they would catch up (this is when they were almost a month old and hence the running).

But yesterday,one of them..which was my lil sister's favorite one,passed away.His death is still a mystery.He wasn't weak at all,and he had been fine just a couple of hours ago.But the bottom line is that he is not here anymore.My sister had even named him and though she was inconsolable..my heart ached.

It wasnt our pet,and i had personally known it for just 3 days but something inside me ached a lot.I fear losing people/things a lot.It's something i can't even talk about.So what i'm trying to say it..that you dont need time to bond with a living thing..some things or people ...simply touch your heart.

R.I.P. Daniel.
We miss you.

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Devil's Advocate said...

Youre very correct when you say some special bonds dont need time.

All i can say is
may his/her soul Rest In Peace.