Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miss Independent

Yes, You guessed it right.

The BORE-DS (puns intended) are over.And i prefer not to talk about all. I feel un-caged,as if i can breathe again. I know this sounds pretty far fetched but there are thousands of teen's who know exactly what i'm talking about. So besides updating my blog,i do have a couple other things to catch up on. goes my TO-DO list.Not in any specific order of priority.Enjoy! :P

1.Watch every movie i can get my hands on.I dont care if its as corny as CC2C or as boring as Billu,i just need to catch up on everything.

2.Read. Finally,i can do unlimited of one thing that i love (besides writing ofcourse). I'll need Siamese help on this one.And if any one of you have any good suggestions regarding books (fiction/non-fiction/non-boring/non-Shakespeare),please leave it as a comment,i would really appreciate that.

3.Learn to drive.Considering i abandoned my scooty after two weeks,this is goona be tough.Good luck dad.

4.Clear up the clutter.This is number one on my mom's list.My room is FULL of junk.Old newspapers,books,wrappers,pizza boxes,pamphlets,candy's,chocolates,chips packets hidden here and there.Its a complete mess.And don't even get me started on my jammed cupboards.

5.Fill up slam sheets.Well,i have been avoiding it partly because i didn't have that much time and party because when i give away the slam sheets,i'll kinda have to deal with the fact that we all are parting.

6.Learn to play the guitar.You must be thinking ,hey whats new about that?Everyone plays a guitar.But this is something i really wanna do.And yeah, i wanna learn salsa or jazz.

7.Sleep. A routine of 4-5 hours of sleep has messed me up.I slept at 3lastnight after watching a movie and got up around 9,when i didn't even have any studying to do.I have gotta start becoming lazy!!

8.READ the newspaper.And this does not include The Delhi Times and What's Hot.Well this is party because mom has been bugging me to start reading economic times (because i have commerce subjects) and partly because i really really need to get myself updated on what is happening in this world.

9.Update the blog at least once a week.My blog is over an year old and the poor thing just has 40 posts.This just makes me sad.I need to start posting total bull-shit more often.;)

10.Make sleepover plans with siamese.Yay! I'm really excited about the bitcha-ing sessions.

11.Make birthday presents.Well..Bengauli's present is due..and Abhi's birthday is coming up..and day after is Pepsi's birthday.Phew!I really need to get a start on this one.And if anyone has any ideas about somthing i can make and something that isn't explosive or anything like that,please lemme know.

12.Watch the entire grey's anatomy and friends series.

13.Visit my grandparents..cousins..aunts and uncles!! Miss em..! :(

14.Select the pictures to be printed and start working on the picture album.

15.Renew the play list.For god's sake I'm sick of these songs,i need a change.

16.Shop! shop! and Shop! Well..I'm a girl,what else do you expect from me?

Well,i guess i'm pretty much set for a couple of weeks.I'll keep adding as and when something new comes up.


~Acidic Ashima~ said... need to do no. 13 soon!!! lol

Vritti said...

heyy amu...amaizing list sweeety.... its pretty same wid ever 1 read n music n shop n muvi'ssssss ahhh lost touch wt is motion pic.. wud lik 2 exp. it once heheh ... n leme knw d source whr ur gonna gt ''whole'' of d F.R.I.E.N.D.S series ahhh paradise... k plz do .

Devil's Advocate said...

Good good. Here's what your schedule could be like.
(All times in military times)

Wake up at 0830hrs
1st movie - 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs.

Read and vellapanti

1500hrs to 1800 hrs - 2nd movie of the day

More read and vellapanti

2100hrs to 2400hrs - movie show 3

Insert assorted reading, fighting, chatting in between the movies :D

Have you read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I suggest you read it. Its a very well written book. The narrative style has somewhat similarities to your own.

Amanat.. said...

Well..i have classes from 9-12 that kinda messed up the whole schedule!:P
Anyway,thanks for your suggestions,i'll try and get my hands on that book asap.

Saket said...

Yep I recommend that book and artemis fowl too....really sarcastic/witty stories...well ull like them if u like reading fantasy books....

My list is almost the same too, though it does not include the sleeping(I fall asleep whenever i study for more than 2-3 hrs, which means that apart from an 9hr sleep at night i also take a 2hr nap during the noon...and thats during my exams...

as for ur cleaning...really amanat, u really need to clean that up??!!! ofc if u want to go ahead but if its just "Mom" pressure, u can always tell her that its ur room, and that u know where everythings kept(works for me,n i havent cleaned my room since last march or april...)

as u all can clearly see, im soooo vela, im writing soo much in a comment i could practically write a new post out of this...
...and i still have a lot to really vella...god save me(and yep, im having a sort of fight with "god")...all about it on my it to find out more!!!

Saket said...

and u seriously liked the monk who sold his ferrari or were u just going with the trend and said u liked it cause every1 else did??

i seriously cant understand that stuff...or rather, i can but i can't read the book completely it gets soooooo booooooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnnggggg

Saket said...

and u can see complete(atleast season 1-8) on youtube...excellent streaming speed over there...and then there is another site where u can see season 9 and 10 name is its really lousy compared to utube)

Devil's Advocate said...

If youre as vela as that Saket, you might as well clean up your room. wont be able to find anything once its done but then youre so vela, you can afford to waste time searching for stuff.

Saket said...

naaaaaaaaaa reee anshuman why r u being so depressing yaar??

Cleaning is for crazy ppl....normal ppl just dump their stuff here and there and make their "habitat" look as "tidy" as possible...

Amanat.. said...

Saket.. well..your mom told my mom that you study the entire night! need to act all modest!!

And i really did like..the monk..and i also liked who will cry when you die,by the same author.

Saket said...

i don't study the entire night....i do have to study too, and since i don't study much during the day, i study during night.

Devil's Advocate said...

Saket..buddy...youve never seen my "habitat" have you? :p

And you might wanna reduce the "studying" a little bit :p