Saturday, January 17, 2009

And if you were a kiss, I know I'd be a hug ..

Too much Juno happening hun?

Has it ever happened with you,for instance you have really wanted something to happen,for think about that one thing all the time.And after a long long time,when you feel that you may finally have it realise that you never really wanted it all along.Like,it wasn't meant to be,and you are somehow glad with the situation.

Maybe its lack of caffeine or maybe its just 9 in the morning so i'm sounding really absurd.

I know i said that this little baby would be updated only after the mind numbing,soul sucking bore-ds,but i don't have anything better to do on this sunday morning,and hence the update.

So,the date sheet came out and it wasn't exactly inspiring.It actually led me into a state of mental trauma when i realised that i had some odd 3 days off for each of economics, accountancy and mathematics.Sigh.But like Emily told Andy in that flick..wtwazziit...Devil wears prada..yeah,..i'll just have to deal with it.Period.

After the pre's got over 2 of my bff's had some prior engaements which were unavoiadle(sheesh.what the hell is wrong with me?).So me and kinni ended up having a lunch with the guys and then i updated her about my so-called-catastrophic-life.And one thing led to another..

K-So,you mean you are actually gonna give up journo?
A-Yeah..i mean its not like i have a gift or something like that shit.So just a degree and an mba whold be A-class for moi.

I feel like...kinda the person who gives up on something pretty easily..something i've been holding on to for suchha long time.But as juno said ..I really don't know what kinda girl i am.

*And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding*

Well,anyway the pre's are history but i've got this practical shit lined up for tomorrow and then there is the freaking result to dread.But the only hope of light is the continuation paltie on the 21st and i got my hands on this totally gorgeous piece from some store in GK.Another event 'round the corner is the farewell,but we'll leave that part out right now..some gazzillion memories will start haunting me otherwise.

*Haule se Gudgudata
Dil mein hulchul machata
Mein sharm se thi pani pani*

NO! I'm not mentally retarted,maybe i am..i doubt this sometimes.Anyway this is a piece from a song of the much-talked-about Slumdog.. Yeah,saw it heck of a flick,and that guy isnt half as bad..he's passabley cute actually..particularly in that one song..

Another thing,my cell phone has gone brain dead,i think siamese particularly will be glad to know this.*winks*

Nothing much has happened over the past few months actually so whenever i get some badly needed inspiration from somewhere i'll be right at it.

*There are many things that I would
Like to say to you
But I don't know how *


Snobster said...

Ohh yaye! I am jumping *jumps* with all the excitement.

Anyone who cheats with me and sends me a sms saying."T is mine" and takes advantage of the fact that my cell is in coma deserves this.
And..You went to GK..without meeting me?
Go To Hell.

Amanat.. said...

Don't mock my misery..*makes a sad face*

anyway,was out with my mum..conti shopping..and yeah..i met ayushi over there..was luking for sari for farewell...whats your progress??

Saket said...

You write damn nice..

And your hard work (read shopping) paid did look beautiful in that dress.

Amanat.. said...

Awwiie...thanks soo much saket!:)