Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You know winters are here..

1.When you hear me going *Cough* *Ahhh..chooo* *#4%##@* *AAACHOO*!
2.When my sister loathes me for switching off the fan when the neighbors still have their A/C switched on.
3.When you hear me in the shower cursing the chilly water,and the cold floor.
4.When i refuse to get out from under the covers and demand breakfast,lunch,dinner,tea
in bed.
5.When i ask my mother to unpack ALL the woolens and insist on wearing woolen socks when others are very comfortable with half sleeved shirts.
6.When there are regular fights between me and my friends in tuition whether to switch off the fan or not.
7.When i use 23746383939 lotions and still hands remain dry.
8.When i curse the stupid clouds and the winter sun seems like a bliss.
9.When i refuse to move 2 inches and ask my lil brother to get my crocks,which by the way are right beside me.
10.When my hands are in gloves and i ask my mom/dad/sis/bro/random aunt/uncle/whatever to turn the stupid page of the book i'm reading.
11.When you heard me asking every other person,"Tujhe thand nahin lagti kya?"
12.When you see my status as *Wake me up,when december ends*
13.When i reject the milk in the morning because it is so cold that my hands have become numb from holding the glass.
14.I ask for hot tea/coffee/chocolate where ever i go.
15.But despite everything,you see me having chilled frozen ice creams one after the other.


Saket said...

you can add "when my mom has to wake me up about ten times before i finally get out of the bed."

Amanat.. said...

:D yeah,i like this one!

Snobster said...

I would replace the last one by Wearing sweatshirts and throwing maximum attitude possible ;)

and even I HATE winters..