Friday, May 15, 2009

What do you believe in?

The moment I woke up this morning I knew its best to just stock up on chocolates and caffeine and stay under the covers all day long.
Such brooding because its one of those days when you know that every thing is going to go wrong.

But despite everything, I fought my instincts and tripped my way to the washroom. So what makes this day such a disaster? Well, nothing so complex. Just that I got my SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test) Score today. Got a 99/150 (you might think that its not that bad,but trust me,it is). The score on the whole does not trouble my much..what I'm freaking pissed off about is, my quant score. Its 22/40. Quant is a fancy name for maths..! I don't think I need to elaborate..because 22/40?? You have gotta be kidding me!

And then all the... "You don't even wanna go to Pune" stuff started. And someone goes God,and trust your destiny.
And though this may sound appalling,but do I really believe in God and destiny? I know you must have started judging me because I doubted the existence of God.No, don't get me wrong.. I'm not really questioning the existence of God or Almighty..i'm just questioning my belief in destiny...fate.

Elders always keep telling us to do our best and leave the rest.. That we'll end up where we are destined to..and that everything good or bad happens for the best.
Sometimes I think it's complete bull..
But today..I know. That if I don't believe in destiny,and fate..and God for that matter..then my believing anything else,doesn't really matter. Destiny, is all i have.


Devil's Advocate said...

On a consolation note, if you say 99/150 is a bad score, ill take your word for it, but not clearing an admission test is not really a big deal simply because clearing it is a big deal. (Did that make sense? I mean basically, clearing one of these is more a test of your luck than knowledge imo)
Plenty of people dont clear all these colleges, and yet, they all do well in life simply because after a certain point, the point being admission into a college...any college, all that matters is how much you learn without being taught. Few colleges in India are there to actually teach you stuff, most of them are only there for the huge library to catalyse your learning process. And also i have noticed, what matters most is not your knowledge or degree but YOU. What and who you are. On that front, you score really high. :-)

And as for destiny being all you have, destiny decides the general direction of your life. But it is up to you to choose a good path to walk and choose a good destination to go to.

Amanat.. said...

Well..that was very enlightening.
And I might actually clear the entrance..the result comes out day after! :)
So well..hoping beyond hope..!

Grand Child said...

I am reminded of John Lennon here: "You may say I am a Dreamer,but I am not the only one... "..

On Second thoughts, Destiny for me is the final word. But a life is pointless if it has no dreams.

So Sh.. Keep Dreaming & Keep Smiling.. :-)


PS: What was the result??

Amanat.. said...

It's gonna be announced tomorrow.

A piece of advice..if I don't tell it myself..DONT ASK!