Sunday, June 14, 2009

Because, We are Oh-So-Vella.

It's often the case that you realize the importance of something when it is taken away from you.
When I was in kalkaji, I lived really close to my cousins hardly went over there. But now we all really wanted to meet up,and because all my tuition's,classes,entrances,exams etc. are over..we finally planned a sleepover. What was meant to be a short meeting resulted in my staying there for almost 4 days and we did the dumbest and the stupidest things ever. And obviously, had sooo much fun.And the amazing food was the cherry on the cake. What with the kadhai chicken and chocolate fantasy and the Lays and Kurukure at 3 in the morning.

Laughing non stop.
"Lets do something..something interesting..."
"Sorry ya..I'm straight"
"Your not straight..your curly!!"

"Have you ever been in an auto alone?"
"Ya ofcourse"
"Pgala.Auto walla nai hota kya?"

Bvnites v/s Amity and Airforce.
"Amity ki to cutting ho gayi..achhi wali!!"
"Yaar chup ho ro padegi"
"Why is it called golden jublee...50 years baad name decide kiya tha kya?"
"Bas! kar di na amity wali baat."

Stupid pranks.
"Hello..I want frandship with you...Sahiba this side. Remember me?"

"Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello.Mu mei le lo."

"Abey! Phone rakh...massi aa gayi!!"

The photographs..the fights..the sleep-less nights..the arguments..the dancing..the teasing..everything!

Thank god for sisters. XD


Devil's Advocate said...

Hello...hello...muh mein le lo...?!

Classic :D

Amanat.. said...

Well if you there you would have laughed your head off!

~Acidic Ashima~ said...

oh my god!! i never knew this prepared for a backfire :P
but yeah...thankgod for sisters....