Tuesday, March 25, 2008

no nonsense!

actually the title shud b no-sense cause seriously nafin at all is making sense right now..i mean evrythin is soo goddamn complicated! n why the hell have i strted using the word goddamn so much.
anyway i hate the fact tha i am in noida..i mean not that thers sumfin wrong wit it..i mean i love it..buh i hate that fact that its soo far away from kalkaji whre half my universe survives..!
so..alright if namratas bestest frnds fot wit her..buh dey cannot expect me to not to tok to her..i mean shes always byn nyc to me..uff i hate taking sides..n i hate the complications..n i hate misunderstndings...n i hate the fact that my blog is not going anywhere..again..no-sense..buh i like the fact that no one except maybe aniesha reads this so its like kind of a personal diary or sumfin..

ok so m 2nd in class wit an 82% aggregate n that i totally love my new a/c teacher..n i adore commerce...buh ppl dont have to turn it into a nightmare
i hate it wen ppl go on n on n on bout how-commerceez are dumbheads..i know they mean well buh what the... go get a life..oh man..why m i soo angry at nafin at all

n i totally hate that my my current favourite soap the beat years is soo dpressing right now..i mean SAM.. go tell DEVIN evrything..gosh devin is soo cute..wink wink!

nafin else to say..skul opens in another week..so mayb ill have sumthing interesting and for a change happy to write bout!


Snobster said...

Amanat after loosing your copy of HP and Ethinic earrings i really feel all this has come on your head badly/....you are stressed out way beyond like me...i knw i luv my stuff including my pencil etc..and weneva dey r lost i act in the same manner..i cn totally understnad what is wrong.....
first try and kewl yourself n forget about taking sides and drama and kalkaji..[bel me noida is btr than kalkaji..rmbr Malls???] yea...y dunt cha call yur pallys and go for sum mall hopping to great india place//i've heard its fun..
a tragedy struck can be avoided wit shopping my dear fried..
best of luck

Amanat.. said...

dntcha worry..im fyn lol..silly ol mood swings!!
dunno wt i wud eva do witout u!