Wednesday, March 26, 2008

career fiasco..!

mum and i were driving to waves today and we had this conversation on our way. we need to do some course after 12th so as to give an entrance for journalism?
Mom:I've no clue,ill find out if you want me to.
Me:Oh dats fine..i toked to shreya and she was toking bout sum classes,ill ask her.
Mom:but do you actually want to do this??
Me:Mom? u know iv always wanted to be a journalist,let me atleast give the entrance.
Mom:(hesitating)we have gone over this before honnorse and then mba are best for you.You can think of going to the london school of economics.after that u get a series of jobs and get into high posts.
Me:but mom!! money isnt evrything u know.!!
Mom:i know that but see whre ur lalit bhaiya is today..we know better..

thats all hopes of a career in journalism,my dream has been crushed..forver!sob!!:(


Snobster said...

what?? London School Of Economics....Shit!!!! and you bloody want to do Journalism!!!
I'mso Proud of you..!!!!
sob Sob...cant control my feelings!!!!! aaaaaarrrrrggghhh *sobs harder*

Snobster said...

see mah folks actually have no problems wimme as long as i dont rob a bank!! well my mum did journo too..and well she topped her her ill luck she is raising a black sheep like me....who is no where near her when it comes to creative writing..actually its inmy genes....Mba..Hmmm..not bad...if you get to London .you can shop from there you knw...and perhaps after your would work in some Media house..maybe not as a journo bt sum1 in a/c deptt and be a gal of some haute Journo[anupam sarkar for an instance! but mind yu i luv him too}

Amanat.. said... the anupam sarkar offer isnt tat bad..
yah london is gr8..mum has no prob wit me going abroad..buh still isnt der sumfin like..pursuing ur dreams????

Snobster said...

ya bt today it was the wierdest of grandpa just asked me casually what are my actual plans and yet again that moolah made me feel very wreck sorts :( dont worry its wi everyone..and incase yu go to london gt me some cotour..k!!!!

Snobster said...
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shrey said...

hey! i can so totally relate to this conversation!! my dreams of being a chef, lawyer, cricketer etc. hav been shattered in d same manner!!