Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where'd you go..I miss you so..!

I look at you..and then I silently look away..
A million things inside my head..a hundred things I need to say..
Without you..i don’t belong anywhere
But somewhere you have forgotten..the special friendship we shared..
‘WE’..dont make sense anymore..
It feels as if you’ve sailed far away..and I’m waiting at the shore
Night after night I stare into space..
Conjure up dreams and imagine your face

They say I’m better off w/o you..and I know they are right

But i've been walking through darkness for so long..that its hard to see the light
In no time we’ll move our separate ways and I’ll be a distant memory to you
But you are one of the people I’ll never of the very few

You seem to have moved on..have found other people to call your own

I do have a crowd surrounding me..but i've never felt so alone

I know you hurt me..and made tears flow endlessly..
But now I promise to move on..not for you..but to set myself free…!


~Acidic Ashima~ said...

:( its got so much pain in it! *concerned*
Dont be lonely! I will be there for you!

Amanat.. said...

Love u..!Mwaahh..

Snobster said...

matter of described.. :)

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