Sunday, May 18, 2008

Current mood:NUMB

Numbness prevails as i recollect todays events..
I had an a/c class at 9.30 am but it began at 10 cause some people are such lazy bums to make it on time(includin
so for around half an hour we were sitting and chatting with ma'am and obviously the topic was the murder of arushi.
So first let me update you on the topic,a class 9 DPS noida girl was killed(throat slit) while she was sleeping and within a couple of hours after that the main suspect,the servent was killed in the exact same manner.The parents of the girl are both dentists and apparently they were not aware that their daughters dead body was in her room..(they discovered it after 14 hours of the murder).So the point is,why am i writing this,not that i knew her personally,but many of my friends did.Almost all of my a/c class batch is in DPS noida,and my a/c teacher teaches there.Another friend of mine is in the same dance class as arushi was.So bsically i am not connected to her but somehow these events shake you up,i feel so numb and weird and disgusted at the cruelty of the world and the damn injustice!
thats it for now..
May Arushi's soul rest in peace!

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Snobster said...

Arushi R.I.P

and yes ur taking up concrete journalism rather than wsting tyme wid blogs like i do..keep it uP