Friday, May 23, 2008


P.S.Just random stuff..its byn kinda long i wrote a here goes!

I say i dont care anymore..but i do.
I say i'm not lying to u..but i am.
I say you dont matter now..but you do.
I say i'm moving on..but i'm not.
I say it does not hurt at all..but it does.
I say i'm happy..but i'm not.
I say time heals all..but it does not.
I say i'm gonna be all right..but i wont be.
I say its past now..but its not.
I say its not the end..but it is.
I say i'm not lonely..but i am.
I say i never loved you..but i still do.


ashima said...

amm.....thnkgod there's sumone in da family hu knows how it is to ryt poems!! all others fynd it BORING!! Stupid ppl!! lol....just lurvv ur rytings amanat....keep ryting...!!
Gud luk in ur endevor
Yours apreciatingly(lol),

Snobster said...

gud stuff...<3
ps- yea i was havng breakfast..switched on Tv...n everything came outta my she singing>?[wtf!] jumping lik loony's ...worse she was crooning like a crow....haahahahaaaaa i died laughing!!!!!!!

Amanat.. said...

LOL! that must have been a scene...btw what was she singing? m gnna swear i wont lisin to dat song again in my lyf!

jan said...

heys! jus hopped in frm anisha's blog...

im in the same city as u :)

btw, nice poetry.
my own poetry stinks so much i bet u can smell it frm thr!
lol...keep ryting...!


Snobster said...

*acts like UT*

"Pyar hua ikraar hua hai pyar me Phhhirrrr Kyu Darta hai hai dil"


"Kehta hai dil, Rasta mushkillll
Maloom nai hai kahan Manzil"

*Jumps on the camera*

"pyar hua"

*hehe thats! all*



Amanat.. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanat.. said...

*holds stomach and rolls with uncontrobalble laughter!*

banita said...

hey amanat dis like an amazingg poem i have read ur poems most of dem i suppose n all of dem r like just amazing i dnt knw hw u write it bt its reallyyyyyyyyyyyy goodddddddddddddddd i love it n love ya tc n keep writin ........