Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seeing beyond what is meant to be seen

The constant thoughts of the soaring cut offs and reminders that the next few months of my life would be consumed in slogging for a minimum of 95% [save me!] somehow made me realize that i needed a break! I've always been a one to travel a lot and go on regular vacations but the past year has been a dudder on the vacation front,the last one i took was to my beach land ,Goa,after the boards.And before i get engulfed by the studies monster i needed to get away for a while.
And because i gave my family a very short notice we decided to hit the road and go to shimla.I last went there when i was three and had no recollection of it.Though it is like any other hill station but i didn't not go there for scanning the local market or getting a zillion pictures clicked,so not so surprisingly,i hated the constant horns blowing here and there until my uncle took us to this place called the 'potters' hill.And i know,anything having the word 'potter' in it cannot be disappointing. The word beautiful does not do justice to that place.After an hours drive from the hotel we reached some wilderness and decided to walk the rest of the distance.It was drizzling and the sun was shining and the whole scenery was lovely.On our way up we found almost half a dozen different insects,not the gross ones,but the really pretty ones including lady birds and butterflies.We could see the snow covered mountains and hear the birds cause of the complete silence over there.It was one of the most recommended sight seeing places of the small town but surprisingly people preffered to wander the mall road where there was hardly any place to walk rather than go to a place where you can actually breathe fresh air.When after almost an hours walk up the hill,we finally reached the top.The place was actually called 'camp potters hill'.It was basically a camp site for people learning to climb mountains and stuff.There were proper tree houses over there with small chairs and tiny beds and a place without a single living soul.I would kill to live in a place like that.

So basically,what i mean is,a hill station like shimla is not about having pani puris or chaats at the local vendors or hearing the oh so annoying honking all day long.But its about places like these where you can see the sky and the mountains meet and look at some of the most beautiful flowers and where you cn walk for miles and miles just searching for pine cones because they are so darn nice.Well i may sound bonkers but i loved it over there.:)


Pawan said...

It is wonderful to see such beautiful thoghts & feelings realized into words. People start corelating themselves as they read thru the words.
You should read some books written by Nehru, which would inspire you to express yourself thru simple words.

Amanat.. said...

Glad you liked it!:)

Amanat.. said...

by the way..please mail me the pictures..all of them..including all of ansh's!:D