Thursday, June 19, 2008

So..far away..for far too long!

A couple of weeks back my friend gave me this song "kabhi kabhi aditi" and i hardly listen to hindi songs..but this one is of a kind types..and as it is with so many other songs..this one also seemed to be written truly for me..its funny how ones feelings can be expressed so easily through lyrcis than actual words..
Anyway..the song goes like..
"Kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi mei uhein koi apna lagta hai,kabhi kabhi aditi wo bichad jaye to ek sapna lagta hai.Aise mei koi kaise apne aasuon ko behne se rooke,aur kaise koi soch le everythings gonna be okay?"

It makes so much sense that it sometimes scares me..hehe..
See the deal is,there is this really really nice person i know,and i've known her for only a couple of months but she is a truly jem of a person.We can talk about anyting and evrything..and funnily enough she happens to be my teacher.Well..the reason i'm saying all this is because 'cause of her job shes moving to kuwait permanently.And this may make very little sense to a lot of people and you maybe wondering that rather than being sad,i should celebrate my freedom from a teacher,but then she never was just a teacher to all of us[her students]!
So anyway..after crying buckets and buckets i have realised that some things just arent mean to last has to see the silver lining in evrything ...

"Aditi maana kabhi kabhi saare jahaan mei andheera hota hai,lekin raat key baad hi to savera hota hai"
So..with this song..i wait for the silver lining[which seems to bea fading cause i cant see any..]

Anyway..concluding this..i hope for a lifetime of success for my teacher and i so truly love her![and i secretly hope she hates Kuwait and she comes back!!*grins*]

lastly...i'll quote dumbledore[harry potter? duh!] and say "numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you actually feel it.."

Note to self:See a doctor asap.
You need sleep!


Snobster said...

I might sound a lil far fetched but trust me the lil old saying remains true,if you leave the thing you love most,it will come back to you,and for once here I'd like to disagree with you,if you really admire your teacher you should be happy for her {sounds overdramatic} i know,you are thinking,anisha has gone bonkers stuff,but I'm sure if she is happy you should be wearing the same shoes and ride on..

damn i miss maam harleen after reading this..she was one of the most amazing teachers I've had..but has to move on..
*screams loudly at the unfair world*

Amanat.. said...

LOL! you are not bonkers and i agree with you..damn i AM happy for regrets..nothing at all..but i miss her..n ders a tiny part of me that wishes for her to come back..tiny btw!;)

banita said...

well amanat ur dis post made me feel really beter u knw a lot beter nw n i think u r rite dat life has 2 move on n ya d song is really suitin........thnks fr being der lov ya loads........