Friday, July 18, 2008

Caught between rules and desires

I'm pretty inspired by siamese' blog and considering that ive done nothing but lukkha-panti all day long,I should do something constructive.And the only logical thing striking me is that of updating my blog!
School started around 3 weeks back and it has been pretty bad if i may say so myself.UT's started at full swing,ruddy house work all day long,and by the way i'm supposed to look for a kashmiri patriotic song.Excuse me? I'm a punjabi.The only languages that my brain can interpret are Hindi,English core(LOL),Algebra(yeah..that i think is a language in its own way),And titbits of punjabi.Theres no way i can get a word of kashimiri,worse still,i dont even know what it sounds like!! But you know what,I'm brilliant..yeah i totally am,cause i managed the impossible.Shall be getting my hands on that song pretty soon..(more about this later).Getting back to last week,last wednesday infact,i had a math test,now math isnt so bad..but realtions and functions is! After giving a completely disastrous exam i came home to find one of my besties at home.We had been united after 2 months and hence hours of looooong talk followed.Wait.Did i just say hours?? of looong talks?? No! It was just 1 and a half hour of all the talks we could manage.And after that she left, not before we made an entire plan that i would come to her place on friday..would stay over and have a gala time.But alas,its my life we're talking about here,the worse had to happen.I fell ill the next day and couldnt even go to school cause i was sneezing and coughing all day long,so needless to say,by friday my mom had completely given a red signal to all the plans!
And if this wasn't enough,some jerk-head hacked my orkut profile and deleted it.I mean what kind of moron will think of something like this.Amidst all this i saw jaane tu again and as siamese would say,i adored the bushy eyebrow half naked khan!:) I couldn't stop humming to jaaane tuuuuuuu..yaaaaaaa jaane na... all weekend,but this does not mean that i dint slog my a** off to study for my accounts test.I swear i practiced questions from every book i could get my hands on!
But then came wednesday again and i screwed up the paper,it wasn't tough but i found it lengthy,But it does not matter,the bottom line is that i'm not scoring well and that is what matters.So this basically means that my academic life(if thats a word) is completely down in the trash! has always been fun but lately some stupid morons have been coming to school and staring at me through the windows(go get a life for heavens sake) and people at school cant stop bitching about a certain creature(not that i blame them),teachers day planning is zilch till now and every morning i'm seen rumbling through the newspaper to prepare a decent news to be spoken in the assembly.Teachers cant stop talking about how even 92% people are not getting into DU and how the likes of us will be seen struggling to get into a decent college.And also some people cannot shut up about how their life is like a complete fairy tale.So once again,school sucks!And amidst all this my love life like always is non existent!

So coming back to the 'kashmiri song' topic.The deal is being the captain of my house i'm supposed to look for a kashimiri song which will be sung by students of my house on 14th august for some useless competition.Now this female from my old school is a kashmiri,so i figured that she could be of some help.And it turns out she is..but in all this i felt like such an arse (LOL) calling her up after over 5 years of silence and then asking her to mail me some random song, its lyrics and the meaning.Its all just..too weird for me to handle!
And after all this crap i still have to figure out a way to get to my BFF's b'day and stay there for more than juts 2 hours!!!!!

"Till there is CBSE,there shall be prayers at school"

P.S.Sincere thanks to siamese.aka sobster.aka aniesha saigal for devoting her valuable time to help me get a number which will be of high importance in my future! (LOL). *i'm crazy*


Snobster said...

so..You didnt acknowledge me for the no. hunting :X Hmmmmphhhh
you scored a 23 outta 25 so shut up and sit and score above 92 :P
I loved Last line..:D

ps- ..and if you are inspired..then leave a comment stupid;)

Devil's Advocate said...

"Till there is CBSE, there shall be prayers at school", for unless we know the Devil exists, why should we pray to God to save us from him?

Amanat.. said...

Well,being the Devil's advocate.What is your say in this matter?;)

Devil's Advocate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Devil's Advocate said...

I just gave my say...after all, my school is affiliated to CBSE and what better way to spread the Devil's popularity?!...Someitmes, i think i should be his PR manager and not just Advocate ;) :P

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