Sunday, August 17, 2008

You know you are Amanat khullar when..

10.You have your class 12th mid terms exams after exactly 4 days which by the way clashes with your very good friend's 17th birthday!

9.Suddenly every conversation you have with any one elder to you seems to have words like 'SRCC' '98%' 'cut-throat competiton' '17 hours of studies' 'St. Stephens' 'good college' 'family name' thrown in by the latter.

8.Your BFF thinks you have been ignoring her when you feel that it is the other way round,which in turn makes you super angry and sad and dejected ..

7.Certain *biootch* has come out of her shell and is making rude,sarcastic,inappropriate and hurtful comments at you every chance she gets. [No prizes for guessing who i'm reffering to]

6.Your current flame is giving you completely mixed signals and time and again you wonder whether its too late..

5.You miss out on some 'freedom run' shit at school because you have a 'rate measure' and 'realtions and functions' test in your tution at 6.30 am on independence day!!And the worst part is *nobody* seems to notice that you were not present there!

4.Every other elder is telling you to *eat properly* because according to them you have become weak and aneroxic [whatever the spelling maybe].

*this particularly reminds me of a song of freaky friday which goes like..
I'm all wrong. You're right.
It's all the same with you.
I'm too thin, too fat.
You ask why, so
why, so why, so why, so why?*

3.Any excitement you had left of the teachers day has been ruined because of the terms and ofcourse because school is completely sucking right now..

2.Every other second you feel like breaking down.. *sobs*

1.In the middle of this post your phone rings..

*I'm through with standing in line to the clubs i'll never get in.It's like the bottom ninth and i;m never gonnnaaa...* [Ring tone.If you dint get it by now]

M@i: hullo??
J:Hi..aarushi here..
M@i: hey..whats up? How have you been ya..loong tym!
J: Bas aise hi..tu bata..kya kar rahi hai..?? Your out somewhere?
M@i: Na na..i;m at home yaar..studing.. exams start from friday.
J: Shit! it's my birthday yaar..
M@i: I knoww...dont remind me yaaar.. shits..i so wanted to come.
J: Fuck yaar..I'm celebrating on nani's place.. I so wanted you to come..stupid!
M@i: kya karooon yaar..
J:Chal you'll come and meet me na... ?
M@i: ofczz i'll be there..pakka se!
J:chal you study..baaaaaiii

*sobs once again*


Snobster said...

Hmmm..first madam learn ST STEPHENS spellings..LOL.haha well i was in the gurudwara and can you believe what was I debating over..?? Whether I should opt Philosphy or English Hons From Stephens with my masi today:P so its the same all over[ps-with kids who are STUDYING or pretending atleast]
name the certain BiOOTCh..the mysterious part is not enough..
chuck the flame in bin..there'll be fire around;)
ahh this Iday thing..nither did my chums notice that I was compering the function and went ahead with their share of useless crap [read gossip]
I went to KFC for dinner Boy oh boy you should have seen how mad my folks were and currently are with the fact That I am eating less and shit.
and yes me and my BFF havent had a word for now 3 weeks..
*sobs harder than ever and sleeps with the new souvenier from hard rock cafe for ease*

Amanat.. said...

gawwwddd!! i suck at spelling!:p

Snobster said...

ohh did i mention i broke into one of my Damsel in Distress speech of "St Stephens,Admission,Eng Hons,90%,impossible" with my bass teacher ;)

Amanat.. said...

U did what?? haha..
so when do ur bass lessons start?? U met him YET?!!

Snobster said...

Yaa..I am chicken shit..they start from tomorrow..And I am soo bloody fucked...I dont know anything..Gee I'm a nervous wreck :/

~Acidic Ashima~ said...

but sob sound sad and low. damn ur school! waise what hapened to mentalshental? it exists or not?

Amanat.. said...

its the same one..just changed the name..!:)