Tuesday, October 23, 2007


wen ur gone..pieces of my heart are missing u.......!!

im having these crazy mood swings these days...the last week was lyk oh-so-awsum! crazy masti....ok lets strt frm the begining..
FRIDAY:I gt home relly pissed cause my lil teddy which i absolutely adored was lost(read stolen)..ughhh!!! why m i soo addicted to teddies...no syriously..dah 1 was my favourite..n itactually said I LOVE U wen u pressed it! *sob* *sob*
neway so i get home.mum luks at my face n says shes gt tickets o bhul bhulaiya...man i adore her..haha first day shw..hehe...so daz how my hols begin..
SATURDAY:annual day practice at skul..did nafin..played hide-n-seek in the empty skul..haha..man dah was sooooo crazy! n wen i get back i c shreya(one o my closest frnds) w8ing fr me..aaahhh did i meantion i adore my mum..so v spent the whole day 2gther..she left at lyk 11.30 o sumthin...amazin day...goin crazy...THE scooty ride...!bliss i tell u
SUNDAY...ohk ohk..i dnt relly remembr evrythin..lets js say den on 16th it was my neices bday...had lottsa fun again...went to adventure island 1 day..long drive..awsum mujkkk! hehe...in short totally amazin hols..
neway bak to skul frm 2day...crazy mood swings...smiling frm ear to ear......gaga ova sum1(wink wink)...inshort i need to c a doc!
p.s. aniesha i soo luved ur blog...soo luved ur pics...sooo luved ur doggie..cuircet(din u get lyk ANY otha name..?? one o my aunts doga name is BAVANDAR..haha...)..n in sooo luv u!

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Snobster said...

see circuit is btr dan bavandar!!
and as far is luv concerned! ahem ahem spl sum 1 lololzzz...wll bel me once we are gonna meet each oder in person we'llbe like shocked...absolute carbon copies...lolz and we'll have a blast together!!!!