Sunday, June 27, 2010

Misty eyed.

I'm going through a health crises. No, nothing to worry about, but one thing is happening after another and it's taking a toll on my patience.

Got severe stomach cramps and had to leave from British council in the middle of the class because I was on the verge of a break down.
By evening, I started feeling better, but by night I had developed a cold. Stupid heat stroke. :'(

Cold had taken a bad turn and was accompanied by his companion, cough.

Head ache joins cough and cold in their attempt to make my life miserable, but sadly, I couldn't be defeated.

Cold is STILL there, and I've *Achooooched* like a hundred times while typing this.
ALSO, I sprained my left arm during dance class. Must have stretched too much, and now it's hurting like crazy!! :(

And apparently, crying is not helping the cold.. :( :(


Mridul said...

Things are getting better! The fact that you managed to type in this, means your senses havent given up on you yet. And your Sense of humour is with you. :)

hang in there. :)

Anonymous said...

hi i saw ur blog. Liked most of it (of course didnt like the some of it much). The "ramjas - railway station" connection was really hilarious but certainly true. take care and enjoy :)

Amanat.. said...

Haha.. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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