Sunday, August 29, 2010

Upside down world.

Yes, It indeed is one of those I-shouldn't-have-gotten-out-of-the-bed days. What makes it worse is that it's a Sunday! I feel like I'm trapped in a square box and have been cursed to run in circles. Weird.

I have these purple coloured shorts which I adore. I wear them when I'm sad. I wear them when I'm ecstatic. I wear them when I feel loved. I wear them when I feel down in the dumps.. you get the point right? They came out of the drier today, and long story short, they are ruined! :(

Mom got me this tee the other day that says, "Beer. It's not just for breakfast anymore", and um... I spilled oil on it. Ugh! Why am I so clumsy?!!
Also, birthday is less then two weeks away and I don't have anything planned.

So the thing is, I've been trying to lose some extra killos and mom dad are NOT helping!
I tell dad that I'm on a diet and he hears, lets order butter chicken!

This is what happened in the evening today..

Mom: Do you wanna have a samosa and dhokla?
Me: Mumma... I'm on a diet.
Mom: So... ya?
Me: Mom!!!!

Ya, I know. Mom dad are funny :P

Rakhi was last week and my cupboard is full of chocolates and kitchen is full of my favorite sweets. And mom makes it a point to offer me rasgullas after every meal! Limit!!

September is around the corner.. and so are the new seasons on HIMYM, Grey's Anatomy, Castle, Desperate Housewives and 90201. I can't wait! :D :D

Also, the department trip happens in September. (Barney styles) Right? Right?! WRONG!
Because an obscene amount of freshers (144! I know!!) turned up this year the faculty is not ready to take the responsibility of the trip. So, NO trip this year.
Do I really need to add more?!!


Devil's Advocate said...

Purple shorts?! Barney the purple dinosaur purple?! :P

And as for the diet part, i think i may go on a diet if that's what it's like. :D

[And P.S. - Hi :) ]

Mridul said...


Diet ho to aisi, no actually parents hon to aise!

Also, aww!

ps - that was for the shorts! :)

pps - i have a 'shorts' story too (everyone does i guess) but thats not civil enough to be shared on a public portal like this. :P

Corporate Christmas Hampers said...

I like short shorts too!
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