Friday, April 20, 2012

She said goodbye too many times before.

It seems like just yesterday when I first stepped into Ramjas, got scandalized and ran in the opposite direction. I didn't go to college for a good two weeks and even for months I was convinced that I would get admission in a different college. But fate is a funny thing. Fate? Something I'm not sure I really believe in. I think we lead ourselves to believe that some other power controls us, just to give ourselves the assurance that every day is just a piece of the puzzle, the puzzle that fate or destiny has made for us. Three years later, the feeling that college is over hasn't really sunk in. For one, we all are again at crossroads of life, trying to figure out what to do next and preparing ourselves to face the big bad world. I've been so caught up in deciding my plans for the future that I haven't really had time to think that college is over. The college and people I have come to love in these three short years are going to be left behind.

Change. We all hate it, don't we? Try so desperately to hold onto time, refusing to move on. We fear it, fight it. But we all have to adapt to it. Stepping into Ramjas was tough but I never imagined that stepping out of it would me so much more worse. I think of college and I see myself sitting in fag lane, wasting time, talking about just anything. If someone had told me three years ago that I would meet people in the halls of these very college that would change me, I would have called you a fool. But thats the funny thing about time, tends to prove us wrong. First came dramatics, and with it our play, Fools. I am filled with memories when I think of fools and of Kanpur. Sophia, Lenya, Japanese guy, Agra boy, Mumma bear. These friendships would never have formed if it weren't for that one week in Kanpur. Those late nights in SAC and those morning walks and photographs have given me memories for life.

Then came SAESM and with it Rishikesh, three amazing days with beautiful weather have again given me friend's from all over South Asia, college has been such a mixed bag of experiences and just one post on this blog shall not to justice to it. But today was the last day of college and my tearing up and I'm just totally overwhelmed with memories.

Ramjas gave me Nikita.Aakash.Rashi.Raja.Jatin.Shivam.Priyank.Sanchi.Uday.and sooo many more. Ramjas will remain really special to me and I for one am terrible at saying goodbye's so this is a start.

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