Saturday, August 11, 2007


so..dis ones totally funny...i was js flikin thru orkut profs..(did i mention im totally vellla)...n i was soo bored(...m i eva bored??!!)...n i came across dis interstin the personal column section der r qstions lyk..."the first thing ull notice bout me.."..."wt iv learnt frm my past realtionships.." idea of perrfect date.."..n sum crappy qstions lyk get the hang of it? ders dis qstion ideal match!!!!....n the guy...sum mr.X(c...m suchha sweetheart m nt givin the link of ur profile)..yah so in the IDEAL MATCH clumn the guys writtin...
" italy vs. france(fifa world cup)
argentina vs. germany!"
can u believe it???!!!! still lauf at it...

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